College basketball on TBJ? What is this nonsense?

Have we changed? Have we jumped the shark? Are we chasing pageviews like a heroin addict chasing their next high?

Nope. We’re just enjoying Doc Rivers going nuts after his son, Austin, hit a huge game-winning shot against the University of North Carolina. Such a good dad.

And hey, he’s got to get his cheering in now since there’s no way the Celtics end up bad enough to draft Austin. This time next year, things get really testy around the dinner table.

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  1. Next year, Trey? You think he will leave college to go PRO after this year? :)

  2. I don’t understand why you guys were looking at Doc when his daughter, a complete smoke show, was right beside him. Silly Canadians.

  3. Speaking of Proud Papas, wouldn’t Archie Manning (if single) have the greatest pickup line ever?

    “66% of my offspring are Super Bowl MVPs.”

  4. Draft Express has Austin Rivers being picked at 18. That’s currently Houston or Dallas, both with a 15-11 record. The Cs have a slightly better 14-10 record.

    Stranger things have happened . . .

  5. He’s not that good…

  6. Depending on how he performs in the NCAA tournament, he’s only projected at mid-first round right now. But I think he’d be smart to wait it out one more year and secure himself a spot in the lottery in next year’s draft.

    I think he’d easily be a 20PPG player next year.

  7. I don’t think he’d want to coach his son. Too much pressure.

    In addition to the celebration you showed, Doc Rivers allowed Erin Andrews to interview him after the game and he had a huge smile on the the entire time. Beaming with pride as well he should.

  8. I’m watching the replay on ESPN. Man, this dude is shooting threes from the NBA line already. He shoots like 5 feet of the line. And it’s a real jumpshot, not hailing it or anything. Looks impressive.

  9. That shot of the NC crowd is piceless.

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