My first inclination is to blame LeBron James for getting chopped in the throat, but I actually think this is Dwight Howard’s fault, believe it or not. I don’t remember Hakeem Olajuwon ever doing this, but it must just be a very advanced post maneuver that he teaches but never had to use in a game.

Either that or Dwight Howard doesn’t really know what he’s doing in the post, but that can’t be it since he took all those classes. I blame Hakeem.

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  1. I still blame Lebron

  2. That chop was fast as lightning! In fact, it was a little bit frightening.

  3. I blame the liberal media.

  4. Oscar goes to ……………………………………… Lebronnnnnn Jamessssss

  5. Oscar? He got chopped in the throat.

  6. The Dream would have either got him off his feet, spun around him (either side) and took it to the hole, or shot the fadeaway baseline jumper right over him, so I find it hard to believe that a forearm-to-the-windpipe is a move learned from Hakeem.

    I also blame LeBron, because apparently he wants me to. Get your throat out the way, sucka!

  7. “EXCEPTION: Rule 12A–Section V–l(5)
    l. A player, coach or trainer must be ejected for:
    (1) A punching foul
    (2) A fighting foul
    (3) An elbow foul which makes contact above shoulder level
    (4) An attempted punch which does not make contact
    (5) Deliberately entering the stands other than as a continuance of play
    m. Eye guarding (placing a hand in front of the opponent’s eyes when guard-ing from the rear) a player who does not have possession of the ball is illegal and an unsportsmanlike technical shall be assessed. ”

    Although this Dwight Lebron foul was before the whistle: I have personally witnessed Shaq throw a punch at the back of Shawn Bradley’s head as he was lifting himself off the camera-men after the whistle and nothing was called – so maybe the rules have changed?

    Then I personally witnessed Kenyon Martin body check Dirk Nowitzki to the floor after being called for a personal foul on him (another body check) AFTER the whistle blew and no suspensions or ejection. I also witnessed Carmelo Anthony punch Antoine Wright in the face on a jump ball after the whistle should have blown, without ejection or suspension. Andrew Bynum got his for his body check on JJ Barea and finally was suspended, but Ron didn’t get a suspension for the clothesline “above shoulders” on Barea?

    Is my memory off kilter? Someone please enlighten me.

  8. Labrons fault, His hairline was reaching…

  9. Dwight must have been watching that one scene in He Got Game when Denzel throat-surprises Rosario Dawson’s “brother”.

  10. BS soccer overreaction. Reggie Miller style.

  11. yea he got cliped …he didnt get choked slamed

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