Are you kidding me with this right now? I’m fine with Jeremy Lin playing because of injury, getting to the rim all the time and then finishing with reverse layups. I’m fine with him jumping in the air, hanging for a long time and finding Steve Novak in the corner for three. I’m even fine with him waggling his tongue all awkward because he’s not sure how to celebrate. All of that is good by me.

But this is too much. Crossing over John Wall and throwing down while Mo Evans literally gets out of the way to avoid being dunked on? It’s just too much, like at the end of “Pineapple Express” when it turns in to an action movie and Seth Rogen is flying around on wires attacking people. This feels like an elaborate Ashton Kutcher prank.

And the Knicks are playing the Lakers in Los Angeles Friday, which means we get at least one more day of Jeremy Lin dominating. Derek Fisher trying to keep up with the best point guard in the history of basketball? Yeah, right. I’ll just start writing the “Jeremy Lin throws down a 360 on Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol” post right now.