Are you kidding me with this right now? I’m fine with Jeremy Lin playing because of injury, getting to the rim all the time and then finishing with reverse layups. I’m fine with him jumping in the air, hanging for a long time and finding Steve Novak in the corner for three. I’m even fine with him waggling his tongue all awkward because he’s not sure how to celebrate. All of that is good by me.

But this is too much. Crossing over John Wall and throwing down while Mo Evans literally gets out of the way to avoid being dunked on? It’s just too much, like at the end of “Pineapple Express” when it turns in to an action movie and Seth Rogen is flying around on wires attacking people. This feels like an elaborate Ashton Kutcher prank.

And the Knicks are playing the Lakers in Los Angeles Friday, which means we get at least one more day of Jeremy Lin dominating. Derek Fisher trying to keep up with the best point guard in the history of basketball? Yeah, right. I’ll just start writing the “Jeremy Lin throws down a 360 on Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol” post right now.

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  1. Not to take away from the play, but thats gotta be the worst help defense I’ve ever seen. Evans did a jab step (to scare him?) and that was about it

  2. This play was more a result of Javale McGee being in foul trouble than Linsanity crossing up Wall. Still awesome though

  3. If he keeps this up for the next 2 games, then I belive in Jeremy Lin and I will change my religion to Liniverism, I will become a Liniver, hallelujah.

  4. Sweet of him to make this crazy season even crazier. Let’s hope it keeps up though I’ve never been one who liked the hype. Anyways, could we please go with the LIZARD as his nickname because of all the blue tongue waggling crazy quick reflex agility movement in his game? Anybody?

  5. @theREALheadlesschicken
    don’t you ever hear these guys do that pun game on the podcast? It wouldn’t be the Lizard. It would be the Linzard although that might be confused as a crossover pun btwn lizard and wizard, which would be suitable as well.

    • Yeah Danny, I saw all those puns, even one blogger’s pun conversation on a facebook chat. That “Lizard” was just related to the Blue Gatorade tongue and his style of play without any attempt at a pun. Though we may really have to think about Linzard. Trey?!?!?!!!11!1

      And, Liz Thinzy, all you guys below …

  6. The Lizard sounds good to me. Plus we can then go with Thin Lizzy :-p

  7. Embrace the race, and call him The Dragon cuz he plays with fire

  8. jeremy will lin the Most Linproved Player award this season, no doubt!
    the knicks really lin on him (when they’re not strong).

    btw pineapple express FTL (For The Lin) – seth rogen would seem like a perfect guest for the overdose! does he care about hoops?

  9. Adventures of Lin Lin

  10. Can we give Landry Fields the nickname “Juice”?

    Lin and Juice?

  11. Knicks play LA in NY. No way LA is playing Boston tonight then flying back across country for a back to back against NY in LA whilst on their Grammy trip ;-)

    Although they does sound quite humorous and NBA-like for this season

  12. We can call him Yao.

  13. Does it count as a crossover if Wall was trying to force him to go left? Not that it mattered because the Wizards’ help defense is crap

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