With everyone going crazy with Jeremy Lin mania, it’s kind of easy to forget that there was another point guard who was getting all the press in the world earlier this season. Yes, once upon a time in January, Ricky Rubio was the guy we all got tattooed on our bodies, the true savior of pure point guard play that the NBA has been searching for since the tragic deaths of John Stockton and Jason Kidd. Now it’s all “Lin this” and “Lin that” and “Did you hear Jeremy Lin figured out the fourth panel of the Kryptos puzzle?

Thankfully, Rick Carlisle is keeping the Rubio hype alive and well, mostly by comparing him to three of the best point guards of all time. From the Star-Telegram:

Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle was serious Thursday when he said: “There are similarities to a lot of the all-time great players with Rubio. I see [Pete] Maravich, I see [Jason] Kidd, I see some [Steve] Nash.”

If you’re a point guard, that’s a pretty nice set of guys to be compared to. All it means is that you remind a guy who has won NBA titles as a player and coach that you play similarly to one of the best scorers ever and two guys who led the NBA in assists multiple times. No big deal.

While he’s at it, Rick Carlisle might as well throw a little Magic Johnson in there too, just to make things that much loftier. Perhaps some Gary Payton to account for Rubio’s defensive prowess and B.J. Armstrong because he’s such a cutie? There are a lot of comparisons Carlisle somehow missed out on. Feel free to carry on in the comments. Someone better mention Brevin Knight.