Ballin: Steph Curry, trick. Steph Steph Curry, trick. 36 points on 17 shots, seven rebounds, seven assists, just one turnover and two blocks. And the Warriors got their third road win of the season. Nice work.

Not so much: It took Kevin Garnett 23 shots to score 12 points last night. He had a nice game otherwise — 12 boards, three assists, a block and a steal — but he gets the L because last night’s basketball was pretty well played.

Hike: Let’s start every game like this, shall we?

Other than somebody actually tipping the ball in from halfcourt, this is probably the best possible way to start a basketball game. Rajon Rondo’s little self-hike killed me.

And then: Cool ending to this game, too.

If we can find a way to start every game with a long snap and end with a game-saving block, that’ll probably be good for ratings. I imagine there will be some sort of modification made to the rulebook during the offseason that ensures such a thing takes place.

More blocks: Serge Ibaka took the league lead in blocks last night, throwing back 10 Kings shots. It’s the second time he’s reached double-digit rejections this season. The last person to do such a thing was Marcus Camby in the 2007-08 season. Before that, it was Camby in 1998. Serge also ate a basketball, so it was a pretty successful night.

Except: Serge kind of got dunked on by DeMarcus Cousins. It wasn’t crazy on him, but that’s what happens when you try to block every shot.

Oh: And the Kings won, so not a totally successful night for Sergedawg.

Speaking of dunks: Channing Frye, everybody.

It’s only his seventh dunk of the year, so it’s a good idea to make things special.

And this: Russell Westbrook can jump very far.

Honest question — who’s more athletic between Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose?

Other things: Keep it Kyrie, mon … Get serious, Ty Lawson … Word on the street is that LeBron uses the name “Gordon Gekko” as an alias when he checks in to a hotel … Believe it or not, Shaq is having his jersey retired next year … Slow day today, since I’m busy this afternoon