As fans of TBJ know, Tas and Skeets bet on NBA games every day on “The Fix,” and, at the end of the month, they bust out the calculator, tally it up, and make the loser do something humiliating. It’s called the Book-Off Payoff.

Well, after Tas dominated the month of January with a 14-and-6 overall record, he forced Skeets to take to the streets and repeat every single word delivered to his earpiece. Incredibly, Skeets wasn’t punched in the face.

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Comments (25)

  1. A simple yet powerful form of humiliation. So entertaining I wouldn’t mind if all of the book off/pay offs were done this way…. Great stuff.

  2. nice freestyle^^ i’m gonna call you tas “8mile” melas from now on (hmmm.. or maybe “Tas 8Milas”)

  3. Haha some of those were really funny.

  4. Well done lads, the rap looked awkward as fuck

  5. jeez i feel humiliated just watching this. well done guys.

  6. That was really funny but I kinda wish you showed more of the people’s reactions.

  7. Fantastic, the brothel and glory hole part killed me

  8. You all are the best.. dont kill me tas! lolol

  9. funny stuff.. keep it up guys!

  10. Luckily that seemed to be the friendliest bunch of people on the street I’ve ever seen…

  11. Hahaha awesome. I loved Tas’ guessing about the Starbucks flavor. Well done, fellahs.

  12. Odd that the girl went out of her way to drink out of the same side of the cup as Skeets.

    • Haha, I just went to rewind and double-check, I thought she did the exact opposite… Huh, wait a sec…. Isn’t there only one hole to drink from?

  13. I’m impressed with JD’s logistics in syncing up that 4 minute clip.

    Glory hole was gold… can’t believe Skeets didn’t piss himself laughing.

  14. Curly Sue was cute…

  15. Tas being a Parappa the Rapper boss made my day.

  16. Now that didn’t sound humiliating, at first…

    Funny as hell and reaaaally embarassing ! You’re crazy, gold crazy :-)

  17. Man, I can’t even watch these! So awkward… my stomach knots up. :-P

  18. Great job all around guys. Definitely one of the best pay-offs. Wouldn’t mind seeing this again the other way around some time in the future.

  19. This was hilarious.

    The guy in camo was so awkward, for good reason.

    Skeets, which was the hardest that you really wanted to hesitate on?

    • Agree with this question – Skeets, which was most awkward for you?

      • It didn’t make the final cut, but Tas wanted me to ask a bald guy if he ever thought about getting a toupee? I didn’t have it in me. (Keep in mind, that I had been talking to this particular guy — it might be the Madonna guy off the top, actually — for, like, 10 minutes. I had already put him through the ringer.)

  20. good to have these back.

  21. Wow your lucky that was a foreigner you told about the Glory hole comment or you would’ve got a different comment.

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