Ep. 760: Magic Couch

On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets, Tas and their new desk take you through the winners and losers of the NBA weekend. On the honor roll: Jeremy Lin and the can’t-lose-Knicks, Chris Paul’s game-winner vs. the Sixers, and the Toronto Raptors (well, sort of). On the shit list: Jason Whitlock’s offensive tweet, and the sliding Indiana Pacers. All that, plus Skeets’ Book-Off Payoff, Matty O *live* from The Mall of America(s) in Minnesota, and Trey’s hilarious “Nower Rankings.”

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Comments (29)

  1. Why the change back to Vimeo?

  2. am i the only one who likes vimeo?

    • I prefer vimeo, my browser always crashes when I view TBJ because youtube hogs so much ram. I can only have one tab open when I come to TBJ. If I have two or more tabs open, The browser freezes. Damn my netbook.

  3. Jeremy Lin,,, where do i get a jersey

  4. If Melo doesn’t fit in how about shipping Melo and Chandler to Orlando for Dwight.

    • really think dwight and amare can coexist?

      • I think its possible, a’mare can hit jumpers to spread the floor though that obviously isn’t a huge part of his game. But as a defender you can’t leave either open so that could potentially leave a little more room for Dwight or A’mare to work in the post.

  5. Tron called, they want their TBJ desk back =p

  6. The mic’s shadow on Tas looks like a huge sweat stain!

  7. Was that a large cloud of urine in the West Edmonton wave pool?

  8. Skeets did you get hit by any of those people?

  9. Hey, here’s faithful follower from Spain:

    I have a question. Did you guys got balls actually thrown at you when you shot the intro of the show? Cause Skeets kind of moves his head like if he was afraid he was going to get hit.

    Just wanted to throw that stupid question and tell you guys to keep up the good work.

    P.S: You should keep Calderón in Toronto. The Raps aren´t going to make the play-offs and we want a well rested Calde in the Olympics.

  10. It should be Warriors + 3.5

  11. Regarding the game, do you think it is time to raise the height of the basket? All the players would have to recalibrate their shooting and it would suddenly become more challenging and exciting. What do you think?

    • What?

      Do you play basketball?

      As a 5’10 guy I think it’s high enough already… And it would kill the end of some of those players careers…

      Damn! Raising the f%&*ing basket!

    • Should the NHL increase the size of the nets? Should the NFL increase the size of the field? Should the MLB increase the size of the field?

      No, no, and no. And obviously no for raising the height of the NBA basket.

      • Don’t agree with raising the hoop but soccer should definitely think of increasing the size of the goal

  12. Jeremy Lin. Great basketball player, or the greatest basketball player?

  13. What I was trying to say at the end of #TBJ today: Rondo accounted for 65 of Boston’s points Sunday, second most this year – http://t.co/Z7sHzs0E

  14. LMAO that section before 24:00 was hilarious. That freestyle rap about Jeff killed me.

  15. Deeply disappointed in the lack of boozer painted hair coverage smh….


  16. Another loser of the week is that Lin Report segment. Sorry Matty O, I’d rather hear Tas talk about Swan Lake than you go on about how great the mall is in King of Prussia, PA.

  17. Melo is a loser of the week-end (and the season). The Nuggets are about as good without him, and the Knicks are better.

  18. millennium falcon desk!

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