It’s not every day we get to premiere a music video here on The Basketball Jones, but today is one of those days. That video you see up top is “Shazam,” the lead track from Serengeti’s “Kenny Dennis EP,” which comes out on Anticon in April. It’s a Shaq diss track written from the perspective of the rapper’s 45-year-0ld, white alter ego. Yes, really. (Kind of.)

From Passion of the Weiss:

For those who don’t know the back story, Kenny Dennis (Kdz) and Tha Grimm Teachaz were signed to Jive Records in ’93. After a Teachaz performance at the label’s showcase in Philly (other performers included the Fu-Schnickens and Tevin Campbell), Shaq-Fu got brazen and mocked Kenny’s mustache live on-stage.

If the video doesn’t blow your mind — which seems impossible, but I’ll allow that maybe it is too early for you to really appreciate it — then the story surely will. A made-up, mustachioed alter ego throwing shots at one of the best players in NBA history over a perceived mustache slight? That’s perfect for our post-blog society.

Let’s all do our best to make sure Shaq sees this. Tweet this video to him. Show it to him on your phone if you run in to him at a Panda Express. Email it to him ( Whatever it takes. A finely crafted response is exactly the kind of shot in the arm his floundering rap career needs.