Ballin: Rajon Rondo had 32 points, 10 rebounds, 15 assists, two steals and used mind powers to force Derrick Rose to sit out with back spasms. It’s the first 30-15-10 game by a Celtic since Larry Bird in 1987 and the first effective hypnosis against an Illinois resident since my buddy Mike Schmitt got put under a spell during freshman year of college.

Not so much: Rasual Butler checked in to yesterday’s game against the Lakers with 4.2 seconds left, promptly botched a timeout call and was whistled for five seconds, turning the ball over at the most crucial time in the game. Then, when the ball was inbounded, he was the guy who fouled Kobe Bryant. Pretty bad one second of playing time for Ras Cas.

Betweensies: Even though it was against the Bulls and completely superfluous, this is still pretty cool.

Stupid Celtics and their stupid highlights.

Upswing: The Washington Wizards have won two of their last four games, they’re not even the second-worst team in the NBA, and they notched their first 20-point victory of the season. Unfortunately, Andray Blatche comes back in a couple weeks.

Not natural: Carlos Boozer’s hair and eyebrows, you guys.

I remember reading a pre-draft LaVar Arrington profile in ESPN Magazine a long time ago where he was getting his hair airbrushed so it’d look good for TV, so I know head-painting is something people do occasionally. Plus, Boozer’s hair looked way lighter by the end of the game, like his head ink was running. This is way beyond Wooly Carlos. An inked head is the only logical explanation.

Not so slick: Willie Green led the Hawks in scoring against the Heat, which can’t be good. The Hawks trailed by as many as 32 points, which is worse.

Oh right: The Kobe Bryant game-winner. How could I forget?

Did you see how he froze James Johnson with the tiniest shoulder fake? Too easy.

Other things: Really feeling those Memphis Tams tams all the Grizzlies fans were wearing, which is a confusing sentence to type … Gilbert Arenas worked out for the Lakers because Metta World Peace is acting too normal … Brandon Bass is going to be missing up to two weeks, so you’re going to need to get your biceps-flexed jump shot fix somewhere else … Raymond Felton might be losing his starting spot to Jamal Crawford … Anderson Varejao’s wrist is going to keep him out for a while, which means Bill Simmons needs a new starting All-Star power forward. Tyler Hansbrough seems like a suitable replacement.