Correction, Jim: That SCREAMS for itself. Damn.

(via Oskar)

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  1. impressive dunk but………………7 steps?

  2. Not worthy of it’s own post.

  3. Brad Miller does this almost every game but because it’s LeBron it’s on the jones same day. SMH

  4. I think he did good! I think he did real good! Good shit!

  5. What is going on in the comments here? Only Eric gave us the normal TBJ comment-y goodness.

  6. Lebron took more steps in a single dribble than I’ve ever seen. That was not illegal… just… confusing

    • Wasn’t he still dribbling while splitting the defenders? He bounced the ball between them and then chased after it through them. The steps he’s taking while the ball is bouncing in the air don’t count. Only start counting when he catches it again. From there it’s 3 steps.

  7. im getting dizzy trying ot count thoes steps haha

  8. Technically.. not a travel.. just.. weird tho lol

    Hell of a dunk anyways

  9. I don’t think it’s a travel.. It looks like the ball is in dribble when he’s taking the steps to move between semesters, secures the ball and then 1, 2, dunk. I could be wrong though.

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