I’m not sure if Christopher Robin is Erik Spoelstra or Pat Riley, but it doesn’t really matter either way. Just like that pantywaist, those guys don’t matter nearly as much as the Big Three.

Eddy Curry is definitely Heffalump though.

(via Deb Robinson and Kye Fox)

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  1. What did he relaly think – he’ll go play with Wade and James and have an equal attention share?!?!?

  2. But….he will start assuming Carmelo forfeits due to injury. He’s the only PF on the east roster. Unless Thibodeau trolls and starts Deng

  3. It was both Carmelo and Amar’e who were voted in over him, so he has a point. And the reason Bosh gets mocked is because he’s likely the most “human” player in the NBA and expresses his emotions and thoughts freely in front of the public. Granted, stuff like the photo shoots give us great comedy content, but there are also times when he comments that a player should be careful when diving for rebounds around knees because goddamn, it’s just a rebound and that could end someone’s career. And what if he wants the fans respect and feels slighted that two players having horrendous years are voted ahead of them. Are those unnatural thought to have, or is it just supposed to remain unspoken? And are we wired like his competition, smelling blood in the water and rushing to turn him to chum?

  4. Sigh. Teaming up with Wade and James is exactly what he wanted, and it’s still not good enough for him. Now its like he acts as though he’s suprised that hes suddenly the #3 guy on a team.

    Also sad that he gets paid more (contract wise) than Wade, because Bosh certainly hasn’t played better than Wade. Not even close.

    • I would argue that it is close. Bosh was the most consistent player for them in the playoffs last season. He filled in admirably for Wade as the team’s #2 when Wade was injured this season too. If the guy got more touches, I think he’d not only have better numbers than Wade, but the Heat would be a better team.

      • Bosh played his best in the playoffs yes, but not better than Wade or LeBron. IMO Wade was the best Heat player throughout the playoffs.

        Also, this season without Wade.. thats the problem. Bosh plays well without one of those guys, but he’s still the #3 with them both. When all three guys are playing, Bosh doesn’t really come close to the impact Wade and LeBron have.

        • Well, what third best player on any team has a huge impact whatsoever? Yeah, I guess he is the closest third best than pretty much every other third best but still you don’t expect amazing numbers, right? I don’t think there is room for three amazing performances every night. Well not if you’re the Rockets – remember when last year Scola, Martin and Brooks scored 94 ot 108 points? But that’s a freak of a situation anyway. So Bosh should just shut up and play, and accept what he bargained for.

  5. The biggest myth about Bosh, because most Sports hacks and bloggers have no emotional IQ whatsoever, is that he is unselfish and humble. He is neither and you can tell by his body language on the court that he has the self-consiousness of someone who thinks he is being watched. He was a soft stat padder in Toronto who did nothing to propel his TEAM to win as he couldn’t be arsed with the difficult task of defending if Triano wasn’t going to make him…now there is ample revisionist history of what a stud he was for Toronto…he led a LOTTERY TEAM…and if he had set any sort of example, it is clear, they would have been more than capable of defending and Bargnani is every bit as capable as he is of scoring. He was spoon fed and coddled and only in Toronto, a sh*thole for sports, would he ever be the franchise player and number 1.

    • So basically, you’re an idiot…

      • Appart from the last geographical statement, you cannot say that this dude hasn’t got a point?

        I had the same issue with Kevin Love – amazing stats, but on a bad team. He gets every rebound but why – because noone else bothers to do so.

        Same with Bosh I think – best player on a bad team means he gets most money, but doesn’t mean he is a Franchise player. Just means he tops his teammates. Nothing more. Francise player should mean someone who actually betters the Franchise, gets wins, leads the team to SOMETHING significant like wins, deep playoff runs, titles, etc.

        • Agreed. It’s one thing to be good on a bad team, but its another to be good on a winning team. Closest thing Bosh ever had to rebounding teammate was one season, with Marion and O’Neal, every other year its been Bargnani letting him get every board.

          If only they had gotten Reggie Evans a couple of years earlier and played more minutes than the 11MPG he had in 2009-2010, I can almost gaurantee that Bosh averages way less than his 10-11RPG numbers.

          I never saw Chris as a franchise player, and rightfully so. He only made it to the playoffs twice as a Raptor, and never got past the first round. That’s even with him playing about 70 games per year. Bosh is a great 2nd or 3rd guy on a team, but he’s not a number 1.

  6. Chris Bosh is Jar Jar. Just look at him.

  7. So Melo is more deserving this season than Bosh to start? Ha Ha. Also Yao should still start according to the fans. It’s a fan vote, which equals popularity contest regardless of play.

    If Bosh thought however that he was going to get the same attention as Bron and Dwyane then he came to the wrong city. He’ll get plenty of attention if we win a title tho so he should just focus on that.

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