Less than a week ago, LeBron James told us to blame all of our personal problems on him. I don’t know if you guys have tried it out, but it works great. Last night, I hopped out of a cab without paying because I left my wallet at home, then told the cabbie I couldn’t pay him. He got super mad, threatened my family and told me he hated me.

I smiled and calmly said, “Blame LeBron James.” The cabbie laughed, we hugged and he lent me his fisherman’s vest to keep warm as I made my way to the door. This system really works.

Don’t believe me? Ask Monty Williams. From Hornets 24/7:

In response to a question about whether there was anything new to report on about Eric Gordon’s knee injury, Hornets coach Monty Williams responded that he did not, and that:

“It is what it is. Blame LeBron James”.

And just like that, all was forgiven. The possibility that Eric Gordon has played his last game of the season, anger that New Orleans fans might have towards Gordon because he’s not Chris Paul and the embarrassment they might feel that the NBA owns their team — gone in an instant, now just another few reasons to hate LeBron James. After all, it’s his fault that Gordon’s ligaments aren’t healing fast enough.

Honestly, I’d like to see more coaches try this. Make a bad substitution? LeBron did it. Team fails to get a shot up in crunch time? Blame LeBron. Flip Saunders might have been able to save his job if this revolutionary method had been developed in time for him to say “JaVale McGee? Beats me. It was LeBron James’ fault.”

As far as I can tell, this is the first public instance of an NBA personality using the Blame LeBron James system. I think it went pretty well. Really hope to see a lot more of it.