Ballin: LeBron James missed five shots on his way to 35 points, with 16 of those points coming during the third quarter after going in to halftime with the Heat up by five. Those don’t count as clutch baskets, but if you don’t think 16 points in the quarter that blew the game open is important than you’re a dum-dum.

Not so much: Glen “The Biggest Baby” Davis went 1-10 from the field last night. That’s already his third sub-.250 shooting performance of the season, which is exactly what you’re looking for from acquisitions made to convince Dwight Howard to stay in Orlando.

Listen to me: Joey Crawford will T you up if you don’t hang on every word he says, even if you’re not an NBA player.

He’s getting coal in his stocking for Valentine’s Day.

Great picks: Per John Krolik, two of the top five picks from the 2002 draft are on the Milwaukee Bucks. The other three are out of the league. Two of those three (Yao Ming, Jay Williams) are gone because of injuries, the other is gone because he’s Nikoloz Tskitishvili.

Looking goooooood: Chris Kaman in a Mardi Gras Hornets uniform.

I’m convinced the reason the Hornets decided not to trade Chris Kaman is because they wanted to wait and see how hilarious he looked in half-purple/half-green uniforms. The answer, of course, is very hilarious. Also, if someone at the Hornets wants to send me a pair of these shorts, I’d be OK with that. I’m pretty much the only person who likes them anyways and it would be good community outreach.

Fingers pointed: Seven missed free throws for Blake Griffin, five of which came in the final four minutes of a four-point loss. I’m sure no NBA teams will try fouling him down the stretch in the playoffs.

Whoops: Here’s Chris Bosh trying to be Kevin Garnett or something.

Not sure which part of this is my favorite, but it’s either Chris Bosh trying to stop himself from swearing because he realizes it’s a sure-fire fine or LeBron James trying to laugh like his teammate is being hilarious. Definitely one of those two parts.

Sure, Rick: Here’s Caron Butler getting his championship ring, preceded by Rick Carlisle calling him “a Maverick for life.” By the end of this season, he will have played more games for four different franchises than he did for Dallas.

Other things: Reggie Evans threw an alley-oop last night, which is one of the Mayan’s signs of the apocalypse … The Warriors gave out Tim Hardaway bobbleheads last night, but it kind of looks like they actually gave out Antoine Walker bobbleheads … 15 straight losses for the Bobcats. Halfway to history! … Ben Wallace is retiring at the end of the season … So far, we’ve got Kevin Love, Anthony Morrow and Ryan Anderson in the three-point contest. Brad Miller is still shooting 100 percent on the season, so I imagine his invite is in the mail

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  1. Anyone else find it suspicious that Carlisle calls Caron Butler a “Maverick for life” before the game – a game that ends with Butler missing a three that would’ve put the Clippers up by 1 with only seconds to go?

  2. Didn’t Glen Davis’s dad just die… “biggest baby” pun bad timing

  3. what about mayweather talking trash to Lin over twitter? that raises some eyebrows…

  4. Don’t blame Bosh for being hilarious – that’s just the Star Jones in him talking.

  5. Chris Bosh can do no right.
    I think you are funny Chris, keep the laughs coming

  6. I cannot for the life of me understand how Joey Crawford still has a job. Honestly I cannot think of a human being, my 5-months old niece included, who wouldn’t be a better referee than he is. He’s abysmal. He creates fouls. He will punish players for his incompetence. He will punish coach because they’re right and he isn’t. He yelled a a fucking PA announcer. He referees big games because he makes big mistakes. He once kicked out a player because said player was laughing on the bench.

    I hate him so much I could write a book about all the shit I’ve ever seen him do. Words cannot begin to express how much savage hate I have for this man. Simply thinking about him makes me wanna destroy every single thing in my house and hurt random people. I hate him. I’m pretty sure I’d knock him out if I ever cross him on the street, old man or not. I’m serious, I’ve never had so much hate towards a single human being in my whole life.

    Don’t blame LeBron James, blame Joey Crawford. He is the root of all evil in this world. Every single problem you could ever have comes from Joey Crawford.

    • I feel almost as strongly as you about Joey Crawford, BaraChat, I don’t hate the guy, but he definitely has a negative impact on games & makes them less enjoyable than they ought to be. I always let out a disappointed sigh when I he see him at the start of a game I’m really looking forward to. Fucken “Hollywood” Joey Crawford.

  7. Tim Duncan will listen to you Joey, he likes talking to you.

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