This video is exactly as the title describes it — just Chris Paul jumping on a trampoline with a supermodel while photographers from Sports Illustrated take pictures for their swimsuit issue. This could be Chris Paul’s Chris Bosh in Maxim moment, but the lack of him eating fake fruit or splashing by himself in a pool makes this a little bit better.

Oh, right. Bar Rafaeli helps too.

(via SI)

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  1. @1:52 She learn that from Pau?

  2. Surprisingly, Chris Paul has less of a problem with Bar Rafaeli touching his head.

  3. “I admire her work…her craft…” CP3

    Picking up models 101.

  4. Did cp3 just get friend-zoned?

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking… the moment she said …”BFF” you can pin-point his hopes of a hookup grow wings and fly away…

  5. awwww ain’t they cute

  6. Comments are hilarious!

  7. “the only thing I saw were her toenails…”

    C’mon, CP, you know that’s a flagrant lie.

    • yeah but he’s married – saying anything else probably would have gotten him in worse trouble..

  8. This is no way the same leauge as chris boshs maxim shooting – cp3 at least had a hot chick at the shooting. Bosh only hat fake fruits…

  9. Notice he didn’t seem too upset when she touched him on the head compared to when Paul gave him a bit of a rub on the head as well?
    Double standards :)

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