Too bad the Grammys just happened because I think we have found the true Best Rap Performance. Heck, this might even be able to knock Adele off her throne. Wait till next year, I guess.

(via Aron Phillips)

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  1. This was absolutely brilliant.

  2. Love the Jordan game 6 shot with the minor brush on the thigh

  3. these guys are haters… Jordon didnt foul anyone.. Please…

  4. “Flop so hard Popovich wanna sign me!”

    awesome… surprised there was no mention of the legendary… Vlade Divac!

  5. Disappointed there’s no reference to Paul Pierce Fake Injury, Game 1 in 2008 Finals, or the Raja Bell & Manu double flop… Still.. good video thou.

    • They did…the ‘wheel chair’. I know they showed Wade, but I’m pretty sure that line included Pierce as well.

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