On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss — what else? — Jeremy Lin. Honestly, is this real life? How in the world did the Knicks win that game? Did anyone else notice Carmelo Anthony’s reaction to Lin’s game-winner? How do we feel about a packed ACC cheering for #Linsanity? And who gave Matty O that bottle of champagne? All that, plus the under-the-radar Heat, and a bunch of great mailbox questions, including players who have changed their reputation, ugly NBA logos, and a fun Shaq/Kobe hypothetical.

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Comments (19)

  1. The best Lin Report yet.

  2. Nah Tas was right…. Delonte was in that Finals series against Orlando
    that is all

  3. hahahahahahah i’m not even through the whole show but oh my god this is killing me :D great show

  4. EASTERN CONFERENCE Finals… which I assume is what you meant.

  5. Hey, Matty-O!

    Pretty good job on the mic’! Great voice, nice vibrato!

  6. Do you ever thank your female fans? Just sayin’.

  7. All-Star consideration for Al Harrington? How is Al Harrington deserving of all star consideration? He’s a great candidate for NBA 6th man though.

    Delonte West was on Boston in 06-07, got traded to Seattle on draft day as part of the Allen for Green swap after that finals run.

  8. whats the name of the song right before the second segment?

  9. now this is ridiculous – old ATL Hawks logo looks just like polish petroleum company logo http://qurwica.blox.pl/resource/orlenlog.jpg

  10. Actually just saw the Hawk for the first time. Always thought it was some packman promo back in the day.lol

  11. Here’s a better Houston one Tas… http://www.nba.com/magicnba/photos/rockets1.gif

  12. “the lin report” is the only thing stopping me from wishing this whole lin thing would end.

  13. Skeets, you are not alone. I also thought the old Hawks logo was Pac-Man back in the day.

  14. what is the name of the song you palyed one episode ago after the mikael pietrus messege? you can gat it all ?

  15. Skeets, that Linception coin-spin and reaction.. magnifique! Apparently, the most underrated joke in TBJ episodes history. Made my day

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