Just a few days ago, Metta World Peace complained that Mike Brown wasn’t playing him enough because Brown is “a stats guy” and that “stats are for people who need stats.” Clearly, World Peace doesn’t need stats, as he told CBS Sports’ Ken Berger:

“If I could count how many times another team went away from the best player when I was on him, I’ve got to be like No. 1 in the league,” World Peace said. “That’s not a stat, and coach doesn’t … you would have to play basketball to feel that. When Phil Jackson was here, that’s why I was in the game, because he understands that.”

Interpreted for clarity — “Mike Brown doesn’t play me because he’s a nerd who never played professional basketball and doesn’t understand that what I bring to the table can’t be measured by stats.” It’s a very roundabout, passive-aggressive way of throwing your coach under the bus. Very Lakers of him.

But Mike Brown is not to be deterred. No sir. When one of his players criticizes him for being too stats-focused, he just doubles down on the stats. From the AP:

“If I were him, I’d be frustrated, too,” Brown said. “I told him: `I don’t take anything personally. I’m OK with it. But if was a stats guy, Metta, you wouldn’t be playing at all. I mean, look at your stats. And Synergy says you’re the 192nd-best defensive player in the league. So if I was just a stats guy, the guy who should be playing at the small forward spot is Devin Ebanks — because he’s shooting better than you or Matt (Barnes).”’

What a great comeback. He takes Metta World Peace’s criticisms and uses them as a very sharp zinger, like some sort of tai chi insult master.

There’s nowhere World Peace could take this because Brown is saying, “Yeah, I use stats a lot but even when they say you’re terrible, I still play you.” What can you say to that? Flawless victory for Mike Brown.

Of course, even though Mike Brown proved to be a wise zingster, this is still a coach and his player fighting about playing time in the media. That’s not the best thing for a team that is trying to figure out how to win games in a tough, tough conference. But still, when you have that sort of crack in your arsenal, you have to use it.

After all, Mike Brown wouldn’t want to deprive us of the hilarity of showing that a guy who thinks he’s the best defensive player is really the 192nd-best, would he? Of course not.

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  1. Metta VS Mike Brown is exactly what the lakers need at this point.

  2. but mike brown isnt that great of a coach. so who cares.

    • I really wish your statement wasn’t completely true. I understand the Lakers have their scoring problems, but he’s a TERRIBLE offensive coach.

      Their big men are healthy and adequate to carry a team to 98+ppg so the fact that the Lakers can’t ever break 100 with Kobe, Pau, & Bynum on the same squad (should average 70 just between them) is the coach blowing it. Good thing they can hold some opponents to 78 points.

  3. MWP sucks so many balls this season you’d think he’s in gay porn

  4. As bad as World Peace is playing, you can’t say someone’s a good or bad defender just based on stats alone. Shane Battier is a great example. Very little stats to show for his effort defensively.

    • I could be wrong but I believe that was part of the point Mike Brown was trying to make. He’s saying he doesn’t rely on stats alone. But he’d be foolish to go the other way and completely ignore all stats.

    • The article clearly says Synergy stats. Not the traditional stats you are thinking of.

  5. I’m on to you, Trey. You won’t trick me into liking Mike Brown that easily. If the .gif of “speechless” Mike Brown from the Celtics-Lakers’ game wasn’t enough to endear him to me than no zinger, sweet as it may be, against MWP is going to cut it.

  6. MWP does not want to admit that father time has made some changes to his situation. Yes, he’s certainly correct that, in the past, the other team has gone away from the player he was guarding. And it’s possible someone did that recently too. But, if so, that was probably based on reputation. Stats have come a long way and there are more and more ways to see how effective someone is on the defensive side. Synergy is a great example and I think it’s a good sign that Brown pays some attention to it.

  7. Mike Brown scares me. The 192 best defender thing is a clear pull out from another article from FoxSports or something that Mike Brown must have read. I clearly remember reading it, very recently. So what’s scary is that Mike Brown isn’t actually qualifying his stats, i.e., reading what they mean and how each stat is determined, rather, he’s just ‘throwing shit out there.’ As I recall, there’s another stat that puts Ron at an elite defender level UNTIL you put him in a pick and roll situation. That would make sense, since the Lakers employ two immobile bigs who are torched almost every time they are put in a pick and roll situation.

    Mike Brown scares me. I don’t know if he knows what he’s doing, honestly.

    • Dude, read the article again. SYNERGY STATS. Google it.

      Jesus, do you people read before going off on a rant?

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