Ballin: I’m not even convinced Jeremy Lin was the best point guard in last night’s game — Jose Calderon had 25 on 11-17 shooting, added seven rebounds, nine assists, three steals and a block — but this story is so unbelievable that I’ve lost all sense of basketball comprehension.

Not so much: Kevin Martin, the Rockets’ leading scorer, was held to zero points on 0-3 shooting. Not much else to say about that, except for that Tony Allen is crazy good at defense.

Dag: Nic Batum throws down on a couple of Wizards.

JaVale McGee’s face after the dunk really says it all.

Not all bad: Per Michael Lee, this is the first time in franchise history that the Wizards have won back-to-back road games by 15 or more points. Shout out to Nick Young for balling out.

More win stats: Last night, the Miami Heat became the first team in 33 years to win three road games in three nights. They deserve a nap or something.

Touching: Amar’e Stoudemire got a tear tattooed on his face to honor his brother, instantly making this the best face tattoo in history.

To quote Amar’e — “That game was for u Bra (Hazell Stoudemire Jr) , for ever crying inside. Love you !!” Very nice, even if a tear on the face usually means you’ve murdered someone. Don’t care. This is sweet.

Chill out: Juwan Howard played six minutes last night, turned the ball over four times, picked up two technicals fouls and got ejected. His NCR (Non-Chill Rating) was off the charts, nearly approaching the Hilton Armstrong push fest.

Other things: With last night’s Bulls win, Tom Thibodeau clinched head coaching duties for the Eastern Conference at this year’s All-Star Game. Look forward to Derrick Rose and Luol Deng playing 43 minutes a piece so they stay in shape … No Steve Nash and no Grant Hill last night for the Suns, which made them younger and way more terrible … The Atlanta Hawks have never beat the Los Angeles Lakers on Valentine’s Day. They’re 0-6, so maybe they should stop playing them on the sexiest day of the year … Don’t worry, John Wall’s got this … Looks like Kyrie Irving is back tonight

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  1. Come on, that joke about Thibodeau playing his all-stars 40 minutes has already been made on hte show… It’s okay to just report factual information too….

  2. Perhaps Amar’e did murder someone and the tattoo was long overdue? My best guess is he’s never watched “Blood In, Blood Out”.

  3. soo could it be that grant hill and nash may be on the move??


    I’m waiting to see when Amare fills in that tattoo…

  5. There’s nothing quite liker homer commentators is there? The guys doing the play-by-play on the Hilton Armstrong foul are ridiculous.

  6. Larry Hughes also got a tear tattoo after his brother died from a heart condition.

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