If this was a movie, a game-winning three on Asian Heritage Night would be the natural ending. But since this flick’s got such good ratings, I imagine they’ll do a sequel. “Linsanity 2: Full Throttle” sounds like a winner.

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  1. The hype is warranted… speechless

  2. I’d personally hoped the sequel would be “The Towering Linferno”

  3. lin needs to stop ‘back-jump-bumping’ to celebrate.
    and his teammates need to stop bowing to him at the waist. he was born in California. and in the 20th century.
    someone should start a most-racist-lin-reactions list

  4. Lin tastic!!!! what a win.. I TWEET I WANT LIN Asian coraspondent… they need to change the heat index to the Lin Index. Lin Ball or DIE TRYING!!!! oh ya, im a raptor fan.. so when melo comes back lets trade andrea for him straight up. that will solve our pg problems. Dump bayless in there too.. HECK TRADE the whole team for him and Clone Lin and call the team the Toronto Lin-tors… What dreams are made of. Linsations!

  5. oh yes, thank you trey, that was lin-tastic


  7. That place erupted like it was a Knicks home game.

    • Yeah I saw that too. For a second I thought they were in MSG. A bit of a weak showing by Raps fans but this team (outside of Bargs) hasn’t really given them much to cheer for.

  8. was a slow start by Lin, but he really picked up his scoring in the second half. good to see him get 11 assist though, getting a double double. He looked for more passing plays in the first half so it shows he is not afraid to pass the rock to teammates

  9. Let’s not forget the turnovers. 8 against the Raptors…that’s still weak. Let’s wait till we see him matchup against some defensive minded point gaurds

    • understandable. But what really counts is he got them the win. Allen iversons down fall was he took to many shots.. but he won games. Stopping turnovers can be taught.

  10. LINception! This can’t be real..

  11. Yesterday was Va-LIN-tines day.

  12. please stop with the bad pun people…..

  13. best part: the mike bibby handshake snub..

  14. Wow.. no wonder Calderon wasn’t playing better D, don’t think anyone expected him to go for 3… especially considering the game was tied.

  15. Why the hell were the Toronto fans cheering a Raps loss?! That was distateful, and that’s speaking as an Asian hoping Lin does well.

  16. Why wasn’t Novak on the field? D’Antoni really just didn’t care designing a proper set up. If nothing else Novak is one of the best decoys there is and I think that one time on the savvy vs. shabby on here one of his former coaches was even praised for using im like that.

    Don’t buy the hype and while I don’t agree on the racial asspect necessarily I think dimemag has a good piece with other examples of players having a breakout in the L, in other ways than scoring the most points over the whatsthenumber of games being a starter. It helps having no other reliable point while playing for Mike D who mind you wasn’t afraid of letting Duhon run the team for the lack of other possibilities.

    Just don’t do Stern a favor and don’t buy the hype. Appreciate what Lin does, remember the turnovers, that are as consistent as his addmitedly high scoring, and relax.

  17. My favourite part is the overzealous chest bump from the coaching staff.

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