If I remember the rules right, Tony Allen got tipped so he goes back down to zero and Rudy Gay gets to shoot as many as three free throws before getting the ball at the top of the key.

Oh wait. This isn’t 21, so that’s just a delay of game on Rudy Gay. My bad. Carry on.

(via Oskar Jamtander)

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  1. Unless of course TA was at 0 already. Then, he’s out of the game. Come on Joe Crawford! Step up your game.

  2. Your American-ness is showing through on your rules version of 21


    • Ha. How?

      Once I got to HS we switched to no tips, no free throws 32. It’s a better game.

      Curious to see other variations.

      • Growing up in a few different provinces in Canada I have come to know our national version of 21 as a stationary shooting game. FTs – worth 2, unlimited makes, rebounds are in play as shoot it where you catch it (worth 1), No defence, must get 21 exactly, FT misses at score 20 must hit rim or else you go back to 11.

        We play the other version too; what’s known to you and your compatriots as 21 , we call “American 21″ or just “American.”

        Ask the guys around the office about it

        I also spent some playing ball while at school in Boston, played a lot of 21, if you know what I mean…

  3. Never tried this, but I thought this would be interesting. We played a lot of 3-man-21 games in college on an 8.5 foot rim. What if there was a rule that you could toss an alley-oop to another player? He would get 2 points for the basket, but no free throws. You get 1 point and the ball back.

    I feel like this could get interesting. Players would constantly be shifting alliances, and it would handicap whoever was in the lead, as nobody would want to toss/receive oops with them. Also, alley-oops make everything better. Wish I was still in college so I could try this.

  4. In AUS we play the standard 21 rules – FGs are 2, 3s are 3, FTs are 1, but with free throws we play 3 and run. U make 3, your free to run it, or just put up a FG from the line if the D is lazy. And tip ins are just 2 points. That whole back to zero/ minus 5 gets you a punch in the mouth.

    Funnily, ive played on 8.5/lower rings before. Maybe its cos none of our crew could dunk a regulation ring(regularly), but we all get drive n dunk fever,everybody gets tired of getting blocked/fouled when they try to dunk it and the first person that finally decides to shoot it or lay it up gets lalbelled a wimp. Game normally ended with the winner at 10 points.

  5. so you’re saying you didn’t play with 3-and-outs? If you make 3 FT you get to check up and go. Without 3-and-outs someone would get on a FT streak and end the game from 11 points.

  6. i think 3 and out = 3 and run. or am i lost in translation? its all good in the hood.

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