We’ve been hard on Chris Bosh here at the Jones, what with “Like A Bosh” and all that. But we’re not the only ones. Basically everywhere you could find basketball talk for the past year-and-a-half has had something bad to say about Bosh at some point in time. ESPN, TNT, your dad, his friend Kevin, that weird guy at your pickup games — it’s been coming from all sides. A lot of it’s been deserved, but it’s still been pretty harsh.

And Chris Bosh, to his credit, admits that it got to him. From SLAM:

SLAM: You also pulled back your public persona, not tweeting so much or doing the fun YouTube videos. Was that a result of all the scrutiny?

CB: To some extent. I don’t miss it. I value privacy a little bit more than I used to. I was doing those things because I just wanted to have fun and show another side of me. Honestly, all of the negative attention we received last year sort of jaded me from the spotlight. I mean, all of a sudden I suck, I’m the butt of all the jokes… and here’s what I found most disturbing: These retired guys from the NBA—this fraternity that we were supposed to be part of—were leading the charge about our alleged failings. They should have been encouraging younger guys.

SLAM: Did all that bring you guys closer together?

CB: Absolutely. All this noise from the outside is what it is. We can’t do anything about it, but we’re going to lean on one another and help each other through it. We just have to play basketball and keep patting each other on the back. It encourages me to look out for young players even more. An old teammate told me early, “Look out for your guys. This is an exclusive fraternity.” I’ve always believed that, which is why it hurt so much to be attacked by guys we once considered our heroes.

I’m not one to feel bad for basketball players because they are in the spotlight — especially when it’s a guy in Chris Bosh’s situation, who made a pretty intentional choice to be more visible — but it does have to be disheartening to see everybody turn on you so fast. One day you’re an underrated player doing what you can with a limited roster, the next you’re the weak link, soft and a baby who just cries all the time. It’s easy to ignore when it’s some jerk for a Canadian basketball blog, but when it’s guys you grew up admiring, that has to be a huge bummer.

Unfortunately for Chris Bosh, he’ll always be the third wheel in Miami, playing alongside one of the most hated men in sports. That means he’ll always be an easy target, even if he keeps his head down and plays hard. That’s what happens when you sign up to play for a team that everyone wants to see lose. Pulling back from the public eye will help, but all it takes is one pass to the face and everyone is laughing at you again. That’s just how it goes nowadays.

From what he’s saying, it sounds like we shouldn’t be expecting any Blane Harrington or Tall Justice any time soon. Don’t know about you, but I’m very OK with that.

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  1. It’s too bad. I think Bosh has been sneaky good all year and he really played some incredible ball during the time that Wade was out. You’d still like to see him hit the glass a little more but other than that he’s been the best 3rd option in the league. Hell, he’s still better than a lot of team’s first options.

    Unfortunately, he’s also awkward, looks like a dinosaur and seems like he may be a gigantic closet nerd. These things kind of endear Bosh to me but I’m pretty sure everyone else in the world is just going to keep mocking him. Or at least until he has a mean postseason run. I mean, it worked for Pau, it can work for Bosh too.

  2. I actually love the Bostrich.

    But, seriously, is Wade even hated like at all? Everyone seems to speak so highly of him at least relative to the things they say about Lebron and Bosh.

    • Wade gets some hate solely for being on LeBron’s team, but only by the sort of tards who voted in that Forbes most hated athlete poll. Likewise, Lamar Odom appeared on that list solely for being married to a Kardashian, even though he’s a good guy and they’ve been married for almost 3 years without any drama.

  3. Going public with his “I’ll go wherever Lebron goes” stance is when it all started going downhill for him. Later incidents like flopping from Carlos Boozer’s phantom elbow to the face & criticizing Omer Asik for going after a loose ball just made things worse. To me, he’s actually the least-hate-able of the Big 3 because he doesn’t berate officials after every call or non-call that doesn’t go his way.

  4. Huh. Who knew that being a very good player and using friendships with great players (along with some obvious collusion) to avoid having to work very hard at your game would make people resent you. The goofy shit aside, Bosh showed that he isn’t man enough to hide behind just one great player; Baby has to have two.

  5. It’s kind of odd Chris Bosh is the third wheel behind LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. I’d expect him to take a bigger role because Wade and James are shouldering most of the scoring load. Visit my basketball blog and feel free to comment on my posts.

    • Prostituting your own blog (probably a laughable one, at that), on someone else’s blog? You, sir, are such a wang.

  6. NBA fans & media are a pretty forgiving bunch. Bosh can have 1 or 2 very good postseason runs, ending with a title, & he’ll become a valuable cog on a championship team. That’s how it works. The anonymous “fans” who call him a baby, well, who really cares what they think? A lot of them are the same hypocrites who wear Kobe jerseys, despite his A.) quitting on his team in a Finals, B.) at one point asking out of L.A. because things were seemingly too tough, & C.) worst of all, whatever went down in that Colorado hotel room. Those aren’t just babyish things, they were  all examples of cowardice. Don’t get me wrong, Bosh definitely takes things too personally, but can he look at himself in the mirror every day & know he hasn’t been half the fraud that #24 in purple & gold has been at various times in his career? Yup. If Barkley  & others want to embrace ALL that a guy like Kobe represents, then Bosh shouldn’t sweat it. He’ll figure that out eventually.

  7. If you exclude Wade from this team, the Heat are the most emotionally fragile team in the NBA. Then again, in some ways LeBron and Bosh are a perfect example of this new generation: spoiled and soft. Makes me miss Barkley, Jordan, Magic, Ewing, Reggie Miller, etc…

  8. Hummmm, Bosh not so good huh? Soft huh? Well here’s a dude living his dream of playing in the NBA with some of the best players in the game, in the best league around making a decent living being scrutinized by fellas that probably haven’t scored in double figures in a little league game.

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