On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas breakdown the just announced Sprite Slam Dunk Contest and Foot Locker Three-Point Shootout participants; discuss the Knicks’ seventh win in a row; pity poor Kings’ rookie guard Isaiah Thomas; and compare JaVale McGee to Samuel Dalembert. All that, plus a hilariously delicious edition of “The Lin Report” and Tas’ spoiler-iffic “Wanker of the Week.”

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  1. Seems a little silly to describe the ending of the Rockets-OKC game as “luck.” Kevin Martin is good at drawing fouls (not nearly as much as last year, but he’s still got it). The Rockets as a whole are #6 in the league in offensive rebounding percentage. That the Rockets got an offensive rebound and that Martin drew a foul in the final minutes isn’t so much luck as it is a demonstration of two things each is good at doing.

    • I hear you on the Martin thing, which is why I didn’t stress about it on the show, but the Rox were definitely a little lucky for the Thunder to miss four decent looks late AND for Dalembert to shoot that ridiculously short airball that fell right into Lowry’s lap.

      • The Thunder got 4 straight offensive rebounds? Isn’t that more lucky than missing contested shots?

        Lowry missed a couple of wide open 3s that he always makes in the 4th.

        Budinger dropped a wide open 3 while shooting it which led to 2 points to OKC on a fast break.

        Isn’t all that luck?

      • I jumped onto the comment board to say the exact same thing as oal. K-mart (yes, I hate that nickname also) drawing a foul at 20 feet while Perk is checking him is not luck, it is inevitable.

  2. It says “video is private”.

    WTF Guys. get it together.

  3. damn I can’t believe Austin chugged that.. I mean it’s mostly ice cream but I feel the oil would just make it taste TOO awesome.

  4. Please fix “video is private” issue. NEED. MY. FIX.

  5. “Video is private” has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  6. Why so Private?

  7. It’s fixed, praise Jesus!

  8. The iTunes video works great for anybody experiencing technical problems with youtube.

    Also, MATTY-O! We need Matt Austin on the Jones every single day. More Matty-O can only help. I like the cut of his jib.

    • I like that you typed Matty-O, but then assumed his last name starts with an “A.”

      It’s Matt Osten, guys. Learn it, love it, drink it up.

      • While we’re talking corrections: Tas, you should’ve climbed all over Trey on the name “Raj”. It sure doesn’t rhyme with “cas” in the word “casual”. Not an insignificant oversight, either, to those familiar with British-Indian history.

        …… räj

  9. everyone’s concerned about what melo will do to disrupt the offense, but really, they should be most concerned about how he will disrupt the great defense the knicks have been playing. they have been winning games with a combination of lin and defense. melo is just such a bad defender. that is what concerns me.

    • Great point.

      • I know the defense has been better since Lin has been playing (despite the fact that it doesn’t really seem like his strong suit) but they’ve (weirdly) been a consistently good defensive team all year .

        Melo isn’t a great defensive player by any means but they’ve been fine on that end with him on the floor so far this year. The offense still has to be the area they are the most concerned about.

  10. funny cause skeets kinda looks like a horse

  11. oh my

    best Lin Report so far. Easily.

  12. They always have at least one guy who is a bit of a stretch for the three-point contest… I think a good number of rec league ballers could make uncontested threes at a Joe Johnson clip. I hope he wins though, just so I look like an ass for doubting him.

    Also, flawless victory for Skeets’ horse cock.

  13. LIN Shake should of been book of pay off thing ….but only Matty-o could chugg that ..DAMN

  14. Do you guys HAVE to pick favorites in the book-off? I haven’t seen either of you pick an underdog the last couple weeks, and I’ve only been watching that long. And why don’t you guys ever pick two opposite sides of the same game? Spice it up, guys!

    • We can pick whoever we want – favs or underdogs. But why not give you picks on two separate games rather than take both teams in one?

      Don’t worry, I’ll make a comeback. Starting tonight!

      • I just think underdogs have more value, considering the unpredictability of the condensed and shortened season. But I see how picking only one game might steer you toward favorites because it’s “safer” and it’s usually easier to talk yourself into picking favorites.

  15. Damn it Tas! I was going to see Safehouse this weekend!!!

    I hate you Charlie V! You make me upset to be your dominican brother.

  16. Skeets, the reason that Joe Johnson got invited into the 3 point contest most likely the NBA saving money by using someone who is already in the All-Star game. Even at that he probably wasn’t the first invite. You have got to think Nash had to be the first guy they asked because of his percentage.

    • I’m not trying to defend it (I don’t like it either), just saying that don’t hate Joe, hate Stern.

      • My theory was that they wanted an all-star from each conference in the shoot-out. The last 3(ish) years has been set up that way at least. They already had Love representing the west so they needed someone from the east.

  17. Great show guys. Enjoyed it.

  18. Why Tas, why?! Your wanker of the week killed my weekend.. Was planning on taking my girl to see Safehouse this weekend since I heard good things about it, but now all I’m going to think about is his death throughout the whole movie… Would it have killed you to put a spoiler alert?? Grr..

    • Tas should be in the running for Wanker next week, I was planning on seeing Safehouse tomorrow night, I am definitely reconsidering now that I know part of the conclusion

      • How do you know it’s the conclusion? Maybe it’s 10 minutes in and there are a solid 80 minutes which follow that will be a wonderful surprise for you? Listen, I fucked this one, but I had no choice. It was too good to pass up.

  19. Thank you, Matt, for making me disrupt the entire Starbucks community of Echo Park with my hysterical laughing. I can’t wait to make my own individual donation to your hospital bill…

  20. That Lin Report was awesome today. I wonder how long you guys are gonna keep up this segment? In March Matty-O is going to be traveling every day.

  21. Matt Osten had a true two towel performance today. Also, horses suck.

  22. Has Matty O ever come across Stavros in his travels?

  23. The Lin Reports have been awesome. Perfectly capturing the Jermey Lin coverage/event/hysteria/etc. Excellent work on those. And huge props to Matt for downing that whole thing. Wow.

    About the slam dunk: last year was clearly fixed. You think they would have had a gospel choir and a freaking car for Blake and not had him advance to the second round? Should have been Javale and DeRozan in the second round. My faith in the integrity of the dunk contest was shattered then, and now neither get a chance to avenge the fixing and win it this year? Need an investigative team to find out if they turned down an invite, or were snubbed.

  24. MATT ! The best show this season because of YOU !


  25. I can’t say enough about MattO’s performance, he went all out.

  26. watching matt’s face as he destorys those LINguini sticks over-and-over is making me smile. thank you.

  27. With yesterday’s karaoke and today’s ‘shake I think we just got an idea of what’s going on when the boys go out ;-)

  28. Just want to reiterate that Tas is clearly the Wanker of the Week

  29. Damnit Melas! How can a happily married man, who loves Boyz II Men and dolmades, be so fucking cold-hearted?? Still, I love.

    (Sorry for the episode spoiler, for those who haven’t watch it yet)

  30. ……. so is Matt still alive?

  31. wow….osten brings it again.

  32. Matty-O. Much respect.

  33. I’m not sure I’m a big fan of Skeets’ idea of the Knicks running Seven Seconds or Melo. It seemed like the Suns tried that with the SS or Shaq and it really screwed with their offensive identity.

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