These are some really great bad puns, you guys. I’m not saying they’re the best bad puns, but they’re certLinly up there. (Nailed it.)

If you want to try to defeat David Letterman and his staff of writers at their own game, be my guest. I’ll be busy trying to get in touch with Dave to see if he wants to join us for the Pun Gun on tomorrow’s Overdose. Fingies crossed.

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  1. Whoever wrote those must have had the goldLIN touch

    sorry about that one guys, I’m really struggLIN

  2. I wish i could LINterject with a good one here, but I’m busy flogging my dolphLIN to mannequins in the LINtimate apparel department…

  3. If you expose a mogwai to a basketball after midnight, it will turn into a Jeremylin.

  4. A pretty good list there.

  5. Shut the hell up with these puns people. I’m about to go LINdiana Jones on your asses.

  6. i’m pLINty tired of these puns. But I can’t seem to stop. Also great use of fingie. I hope it was in reference to P&R (haven’t watched tonight’s yet, but can’t wait to see Louis C.K.).

  7. Ugh. I feel like this is going to ruin the Pun Gun game.

  8. This list is fuckLIN’ awsome!! :)) A true pun kilLIN spree.

  9. Lin-fected…that should be used every time he beats the defense.

  10. number 4 was the best

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