If you’re going to interview Mike Tyson on the sideline of the Knicks game, you might as well prepare for him to swear on live television, say some off-the-wall things and just generally be very awkward on camera. That’s kind of his calling card these days.

But still, if you insist on interviewing Mike Tyson during a basketball game, maybe it’s not the best idea to ask a guy who spent three years in jail on a rape conviction, bit a guy’s ear off and went broke after earning tens of millions of dollars what his “Biggest Life Do-Over” is. Maybe leave that one to Barbara Walters.

(via SportsGrid)

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  1. Hell, this interview went better than anyone had any right to expect it would. No injuries to the interviewer, no awkward threats uttered.

    All in all, a pretty good day for Tyson.

  2. She sure knows her sports.

    Tyson, on being asked about his fav sports to watch: “Boxing, MMA…”

    Interviewer: “Mhm, mhm, baseball, yeah..”

  3. that was pretty funny. kinda reminds me of that drunk bruce willis interview during the nets-raptors playoff series, http://youtu.be/t_pLcjFTKak

  4. 0:36-0:46 is gold…pure, awkward goldness.

  5. him: boxing, MMA….. her: baseball…..

  6. Yep, everything is about right with this one.

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