Ballin: Welcome back, Danny Granger. 32 points, five rebounds, a steal and a block. More importantly, the Pacers finally got a win, breaking their five game losing streak. Nice action.

Not so much: Both the Clippers and Trail Blazers are top 10 offenses in the league, but last night they combined to score 145 points, shoot 38 percent and turn the ball over 30 times. Hope you went to bed early.

The Darkness: This happened during the Pacers-Nets game.

If this happened at your pickup league, it’d take 15 minutes to figure out how to turn on the lights and then wait for them to warm up. Good to see the NBA has that instant light flow going on.

Painthead: Word to Carlos Boozer for not spraypainting his hair, scoring 23 points on 11-15 shooting, grabbing 15 rebounds and actually looking like the guy the Bulls decided to spend $75 million on.

Sweet sounds: Lamar Odom singing is your new favorite thing.

How does Lamar Odom not know a single word to “ABC?” Growing up in New York, you’d think he knows the song, even if it’s only because it was sampled by Naughty By Nature. Silliness.

PlayStation engaged: Through three quarters, Chris Paul had zero points, one assist and three turnovers. He finished the game with 13 points, three assists and four turns, which is probably why the Clippers outscored the Blazers by 11 in the fourth.

Sneaky sneaky: After saying they wouldn’t do it, the NBA added Jeremy Lin (and Norris Cole) to the Rising Stars Challenge last night. He was the third pick, so now we can stop saying he went undrafted.

Other thing: The New York Knicks are about to get a whole lot J.R. Smithier … Seems like Pau Gasol is ready to be traded. Not wanting to, but certainly ready … Allen Iverson is going to be playing somewhere, but only if it leads back to the NBA, where no one wants him. Tough situation … Chris Kaman to the Heat? He’ll look great in those jerseys … Kevin Durant and Dwight Howard are coaching the celebrity game, so expect a lot of Hack-A-Vinny