If you are a Bulls fan, Joakim Noah is the best. He just wants to trash talk everyone, tell them their city sucks and say some possibly offensive things that get caught on camera because this is the 21st century and that’s what happens.

If you’re not a Bulls fan, you think he’s the worst. All he does is trash talk everyone, tell them their city sucks and say horribly offensive things that get caught on camera because this is the 21st century and that’s what happens.

Basically, he’s one of the most divisive players in the league because of stuff like this — calling Rajon Rondo a “pussy” for trying to mess with him during free throws — and you either think it’s because he’s passionate or because he’s a jerk. I’m currently growing my hair out so I can get a top knot like his, so you know where I fall.

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  1. i honestly don’t really see how anyone cannot at least appreciate the guy. i’m not a bulls fan by any means and i just can’t help but like the guy. actually, i kinda like the bulls more since he’s on the team. and was his cleveland-rant not hilariously honest and refreshingly aggressive? by which i mean the good kind of sports-related aggressiveness? c’mon he’s an all-out hustle kinda player and a funny dude – what’s not to like? ;-)

  2. For someone that doesn’t like Kevin Garnett very much, Noah sure is picking up a lot of asshole pointers from him.

  3. I would probably have a problem with this if Rondo wasn’t such a little bitch.

    • Same Rondo that smacked a Bull in the head and threw another one into a table in the payoffs. It makes perfect sense that Noah doesn’t want to take his crap.

      • Hinrich didn’t sign up to play women’s volleyball. Just because this league is comprised mostly of crybabies, doesn’t mean everyone’s gonna be a lay down sally. More players need to be as calculating as Rondo.

      • personally…I HATE that ratty ponytail…and that weird name….and of course not to mention the potty mouth…so although he DOES have powerful name….he ain’t no NOAH in my book…. wonder if HE would of built the ark?? Prolly NOT…anyways LAY OFF those adorable beantown boys

  4. Does he realize he looks like he’s crying when he talks shit? I’d pay to see Rondo plant one of those alien fists right in Noah’s freakishly gapped teeth. I wish he would just go to Miami that way everyone I hate can be on the same team. Last year’s ECF was the most emotionally difficult game for me to watch. All i could hope for was a midcourt collision that would end the careers of joakim noah, carlos boozer, lebron james, chris bosh and joel anthony all at once.

    • Man, that’s a lot of hate…

    • Its tough when your team looks like a joke v. the heat last year and totally on the decline so the hate has to come out somewhere, some guys just can’t take it. Gonna be heat and bulls again dude, so get ready for more emotional hardship. Rondo plays dirty/tough as does joakim noah. So if you hate on one, you hate on the other too in a sense. I’m a bulls fan so course I think pushing kirk hinrich and clearly flagrently fouling Brad Miller without any pentaly is dirty but the truth is I would love it if I was a celtics fan. Grow up, Noah and rondo can both ball. Critique his game not the gap in his teeth, cause if we are talking looks Rondo looks like a cross between smeagal and the gay cheerleader from The Longest Yard remake. and he does act/talk like a bitch.

      • This.

        Dude is unique and really odd. Personally think his odd demeanor is pretty hilarious as long as he can ball out.

      • Don’t admit you’ve seen The Longest Yard remake. That’s just embarrassing, man.

      • Who roots for MALE COWS? I mean REALLY….all they do is loll around and impregnate every female cow in sight….geeze

  5. This from a guyu who says he can’t stand KG because he trash talks!

  6. Rondo > Noah. So who cares.


  8. It’s tough to mock someone when you have boy and girl private parts.

  9. Rondo does suck and he and Garnett are both dirty mouthed and pussys! Both take dirty shots at other players in every game. Nothing subtle in their attempts to injure or slow down fouls!

  10. Who cares what this hairy ape has to say about Rondo. Stupid punk, he didn’t even have the guts to say it loud enough, let alone to Rondo’s face. Trash, what trash.

  11. What a blazing hypocrite he is. Remember, he’s the one crying and whining about Garnett being mean to him.

  12. Are all of you forgetting Rondo is acts like a piece of shit on the court? Sure hes a great player but hes as dirty as they come. Hes a baby and is always doing child like things on and off the court.

  13. Joakim noah is the biggest piece of shit in the nba. Sure he’s a hustle player but he has absolutely no post game hes a sub par shot blocker and a hypocrite. You may say Rondos dirty but he does what he has to do to win and he’s not only a top 3 point guard but hes the only one whos got a ring. So fuck you joakim noah

    • Eat shit and die bastard

    • Rondo is a top 5 point guard. Rose, Westbrook, Paul, and Williams are arguably better than him. Sure he has a ring but remember he was the fifth best player on that celtics team. Garnett Allen and Pierce were all in their primes that first year and Rondo was still a little bitch who can’t shoot to save his life.

    • couldnt agree more. hes completly overrated and a scumbag

  14. an of corse last night he pegs a referee with the ball and got ejected. Thanks for proving me right


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  17. Noah, kg dont love man the man is married stop call up his name in your pum pum mouth

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