Ep. 765: BLOKC Party

On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas list their winners and losers of an awesome NBA weekend. On the honor roll: the Miami Heat on cruise control, two must-watch overtime games (Gary Neal’s clutch three vs. the Clips and Durant-Westbrook-Ibaka’s stupid stats game), and those New York Knickerbockers. On the shit list: Rondo for throwin’ a ball at a ref, and Team Shaq for pissing off John Wall. All that, plus Matty-O plays matchmaker for Jeremy Lin, and Trey drops a fresh new cut of the “Nower Rankings.”

Happy Family/President’s Day, North America.

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Comments (30)

  1. What kind of watch is that, Tas?

  2. Family Day!?

    You should really call it Drive to America, Buy a Bunch Of Shit at the Mall and then Leave the Packaging Randomly Strewn Around the Parking Lot, and Also Tip Poorly….Day.

  3. Please let’s make this #BringBackBtB Day for Ball Don’t Lie. Thanks for the help, guys.

  4. Serge Ibaka is doing insanely good defensively. This is the 3rd time in February he’s gotten double digit blocks in a game.

    “Serge I Blocka”

    BTW Tas, that’s a cool shirt.

  5. Great show today, good work

  6. …sometimes i literally shake my head when i see your book off-pay off picks. do you have some kind of code of honour where you can’t pick games that you might acutally predict correctly? i’m amazed how you (one of you, that is, depending on the month) can stay above .500 with those super-risky picks that you take like half the time.
    but ok i don’t know that book-off format that well, maybe there’s some kind of twist to it that makes it more appealing to you to bet on the hornets against okc instead of e.g. new york @ home over the nets for some weird reason… makes it more fun to watch as well i guess so whatevs…^^

    • note to self: i dea for new nickname for favorite player. risky rubio. nice.

      • Nice indeed.
        I think it’s about the line (who’s favorite and by how much), but I don’t really get betting, so….

    • Alrighty, then. For next month, you go ahead and post your picks and the spreads, and we’ll tally your record up and compare it to the Jonesers. Since its so easy you should go 20-0, right?

      • that’s obviously not what i mean. i didn’t say i could predict games better, i’m asking myself why THEY don’t choose games that are less of a gamble. or maybe, somewhere in oppositeworld, picking the hornets over the thunder is the obvious thing to do? skeets might even get it right, but why not take the knicks over the nets instead? which is why i’m guessing there’s some twist to it so that taking the hornets acutally IS more reasonable. maybe the knicks’s line is like -30 or whatnot. normally you would take a pick like skeets did to make more money because of the odds etc, but since they don’t appear to actually bet i don’t get it. it’s fun though, i don’t mind them doing that of course^^

        • “… I’m asking myself why THEY don’t choose games that are less of a gamble …”

          Because that doesn’t exist. Case closed.

          • …i guess by that you mean that the other games’ lines are even more risky. thx for clarifying. can you post a link to look at the lines? where do you get them from?
            see y’all

      • ps to clarify once again: normally you wouldn’t bet on e.g. the heat vs the bobcats because a heat win is so obvious that you’d never make any money. which is why you would take riskier bets. but for the jonesers it’s just about winning(?), so why wouldn’t you “bet” on the heat? so either a) they pretend to bet / actually bet / semi-secretly give actual betting tips or b) there’s some kind of code where it’s super lame to take obvious favorites or c) the other lines are so insane that they DO pick reasonable games. i don’t know. all i’m sayin^^

      • It would be nice if they set up a system where readers can log in to make picks and go up against Skeets and Tas.

    • Tonight’s Scores

      OKC over NO by 8
      NJ over NY straight up

      Just sayin

  7. UPDATE: Rajon Rondo has been suspended two games for throwing a ball at an official.

  8. I don’t know what you guys were talking about. That redhead is hot!

  9. just watched the rising stars challenge draft, great job as usual for the inside the NBA crew and they kept it short too. (The NHL drags out their thing for way too long)

    but why did they cop out for the last few picks and go random? do they think some NBA player will seriously be devastated to be picked last? that was suppose to be part of the fun.

  10. Is it possible to pin down a name of the artist, or at least the song, for the music at around 22:50?

  11. what is the name of the song coming back from the break around min 20?

  12. The way you guys rave about the Knicks is pretty entertaining, sounds like you are discussing a title contender. They had a home loss to the Hornets which was a part of the weekend of which you guys named them one of the winners of and followed the Mavs win with a home loss to another lottery team in the Nets.

    The Knicks are still an incredibly flawed team and I understand all the buzz around them and Lin currently but settle down a bit.

  13. Here is a sum up of your Amare conversation.

    Tas: Amare’s been playing like shit.
    Skeets: his brother just died… asshole.

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