Ballin: Can’t choose between Kevin Durant’s 51 and eight boards, Russell Westbrook’s 40 and nine assists or Serge Ibaka’s triple-double of points, rebounds and blocks. Lucky for me, they play for the same team so we can give them a collective fist pound.

Not so much: Hedo Turkoglu played 25 minutes, took four shots and missed them all, and canceled out his three assists with his three turnovers. An actual human corpse would have had the same effect on the game.

Long: This was cool.

I’m still not sure how that ball didn’t rocket off the backboard, but I’m really glad it didn’t.

Speaking of rocketing off the backboard: Serge Ibaka had more blocks than 18 of the 19 non-Thunder teams who played yesterday.

Also: Ibaka’s 11 blocks were the third time this season that he’s blocked 10 or more shots in a game, which hasn’t happened since Shawn Bradley in 1996-97.

Hustle hard: Nick Collison said he wanted a YouTube mixtape of his best hustle plays set to Rick Ross music, so that’s what he got.

OK, now do Brian Cardinal’s best defensive rotation to some Schoolboy Q.

Word aapp: Ersan Ilyasova went for 29 points and 25 rebounds, joining Dwight Howard as the only player with a 20-25 game this season. Jon Brockman called it “Ersanity,” because he makes jokes like my dad.

No: Nice try with that sissy finger roll, Ricky Rubio.

One second you’re the next George Gervin, but then you’re the next Reggie Miller.

Mr. Game Winnersons: Not quite as cool as a last second three, but game-winning free throws are still pretty ballin.

Other things: Here’s the Jeremy Lin “Saturday Night Live” sketch if you live in the United States and haven’t seen it … Pau Gasol to the Bulls for Carlos Boozer and a bottle of scalp paint is definitely going to happen, I’m so sure … LeBron James hired Arnold Schwarzenegger’s old public relations strategist who did a great job with that whole covering up a child out of wedlock thing … Rajon Rondo is just a really cool guy who does really cool things … We’ve got The Fix coming up shortly, then nothing for the rest of the day since it’s a holiday in Canada and America. Go have fun with your family or presidents, depending on location