On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas disappoint Osten in “The Lin Report” before discussing ‘Melo’s return, Deron Williams and MarShon Brooks, Hump vs. Chandler, Martell Webster’s brain fart, Faried’s hops, the Pau Gasol mess in LA, Rondo’s suspension, and pit stains. All that, plus a new round of Crossfire, which includes: the hottest teams in the league, NBA soccer players, and awesome three-point celebrations.

See you from Orlando, team!

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Comments (26)

  1. Gotta wear a bit more deodorant before a crossfire…

  2. The Lakers are a literal 3 man team so a 19-13 record and #5 seed in the West is pretty impressive, so it’s crazy to me when people talk about trading Pau when they have the worst bench, PG and SF in the league

  3. Hah, Matt was cursing so hard, we could all hear him with the mic turned off all the way from New York!!!

  4. Tas you do have a third circle, it’s the mike shadow that looks like you’ve hugged a lactating mother!

  5. You guys should try and post podcasts earlier. Love to listen to them during lunch but there’s no way I can hold off till 1. #stomach_don’t_lie


    • Imagine if, like myself, you could only get the podcast in the evening due to time difference with Europe ? ;-)

  6. how is that song called after the facebook thank?? you can get it all ???

  7. NBA player I could see playing soccer ? Nate Rob !!! I think he’s a regular at Nash charity soocer game in NY during the summer.

    The only reason Pau’s leaving L.A. is to allow Howard to come to the Lakers. Otherwise it would just be screwing the Lakers for good…

    @Skeets : gutsy pick for the book off. Leading the contest so taking more risks, I like that mentality ;-)

    • HOw is giving up Gasol and teaming up Mynum and Howard make any sense to you? It’s more likely that Gasol stays and plays the 4, than Bynum and Dwight playing together.

      • I didn’t mean it in a straight trade as Gasol for Howard but in a more complex one. As for the blown up trade for CP3 earlier this season. And then of course Bynum would be involved. Not saying this would be good or bad for the Lakers but that’s the only reason I see for them to part ways with Gasol.

  8. Best soccer player: I’ll go Nate Rob. He’s just an amazing athlete whose body is probably more suited to soccer than it is to basketball. Scored a cracker in Nash’s celebrity match last year.

    JD, can we get a threatening “You could be next?” Strike a little fear into my heart.

  9. Has there been a firetruck/sirens going on in the background in every single episode so far? I think so..

    • Also about the Gasol rumours, I think at the deadline the Lakers will eventually give up Gasol and Bynum for Howard at the deadline. They won’t want New Jersey or Dallas to get him in free agency.

      But what do you guys think of the Lakers getting Calderon from Toronto for that trade exception? I think he’d be a perfect fit for them at point, and would be a good team mate for Gasol.

  10. The Simpsons episode with Ken Griffey Jr. and the brain tonic first aired 20 years ago today and beat the Winter Olympics and The Cosby show in ratings on that day. Bam.

  11. The first 10-15 minutes of this podcast over the last couple of weeks is like reading the Real GM Knicks board, going overboard when the Knicks win and then making excuses for them when they lose.

  12. Remember when Nash passed to Amar’e in the Slam DUnk Contest? It was a soccer pass, so – Nash, for sure would kick ass as a soccer player :)

    Then probably Rick Carlisle – he has potential, no?

  13. Almost forgot how much of a Survivor nerd Skeets is! Great opener, broham. Almost Probst-like.

  14. Who is the dude with the tiny face for the episode cover picture? It looks like some Tim and Eric thing.

  15. While talking about head/body/face ratio…
    Did someone turn Matt’s NBA JAM Big Head mode on?
    Maybe it was the dancing…Not trying to me mean just had never noticed it before.

  16. Great pick with the Blazers Skeets! You must have known Duncan, Parker, Ginobli and Splitter were out of the game? 41 pt first quarter for the Blazers after a 7pt first quarter against LA….I’d say they addressed the issue. Elliot Williams 17 pts in 18 minutes in garbabe time. This kid should be in the slam dunk contest. Blazer signing Pryzbilla Sunday if he passes the physical! Vanilla Gorilla is back!

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