This kid is so well-spoken and logical that it makes you wonder if this is some kind of Andy Milonakis situation where he’s really a teenager who is capable of coming up with full-fledged ideas about things, but then he wants LeBron James to dunk from halfcourt and you’re like, “Nope, still a kid.”

Nonetheless, have this kid email me because we’ve got a contributor slot open here at TBJ and this kid has some hot sportz takes.

(via SportsGrid)

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  1. lmao this is one wise kid. he’s gotta be like 13, 14.

  2. I could not have said it better myself, “rookies dunk”…so true….can someone please get this to him? he needs to know we might hate him but cant get enough of him.

  3. Jordan and kobe did it…

  4. That’s awesome!!!

  5. “…except for maybe ohio” ahahahahahaha nice

  6. “Don’t waste my Saturday night LeBron, I could be out trying to figure out what to do with girls!”

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