Of all the NBA jobs, coaching the Wizards might be the worst. At least with the Bobcats you just know you don’t have enough talent and are trying to surprise people, where as with Washington, it’s more of a problem of guys not knowing how to play on a team, how to pass to each other or how to help each other on defense. It’s a tough, tough job.

But don’t just take my word for it, Randy Wittman is living that life and making it sound just as hard as you’d imagine. From the Washington Post:

Washington Wizards Coach Randy Wittman was shouting to the referees, hoping to get a response, but he kept being ignored. Suddenly, a fan seated nearby shouted, “Randy, nobody listens to you!”

Wittman looked over his shoulder and shouted back, “You got that right!”

In another life, Randy Wittman was the finest Borscht Belt comic in all the land. He traveled all around the Catskills performing his famous “Take my JaVale McGee … please” and “Even Nick Young passes on saying hi to me” brand of humor, just killing it with all the tourists. Especially Flip Saunders. Those were the days.

In reality, he’s just a sad sack interim coach who’s never won more than 32 games in a season. Sure, that helps with the Rodney Dangerfield comparisons, but it’s also kind of a bummer. When you’ve won 33 percent of your career games, it’s probably hard to get people to take you seriously. If the Wizards didn’t want to listen to Flip Saunders, a guy who had been successful in his two previous coaching stops, then they sure aren’t going to take Randy Wittman seriously.

But enough of the serious breakdown of how the Wizards tune out coaches. Let’s just applaud Wittman for having a hilarious zinger at the ready, just in case someone heckles him. That might be his best bit of preparation since he took over. Well done.