Ballin: Shoutout to Al Harrington’s wrinkly head, who convinced his body to score a season-high 31 points. Sure, he was only 14-29 from the field, missed all five of his free throws and had as many turnovers as assists, but I just like mentioning him because he’s playing really hard this year. And before you ask — no, it’s not a contract year. I’m surprised too.

Not so much: No out-and-out horrible lines last night, so let’s trash Kobe Bryant for needing 26 shots to score 28 points and having more turnovers than assists. Totally got him. Sucker.

But still: This is one of Kobe’s baskets, so let’s give him some dap too.

If you’re scoring at home, that’s two of the league’s best defenders being totally fooled by a 33-year-old with fake knees, a bad wrist and no fingers. Nice.

Resiliency: 34 games in to the season and the Bulls still haven’t had a losing streak. Sure, a mathematician will tell you that means they could be a mediocre, yet completely even .500, but we all know that isn’t true.

Old man look at yourself: Dirk Nowitzki had two blocks last night, pushing him over the 1,000 line for his career. He joins Trey Kerby favorites Cliff Robinson and Rasheed Wallace as the only players in NBA history with 1,000 or more in both threes and blocks, making this probably my favorite statistical club ever.

Also: Dirk’s 26 points pushed him in to the top 20 in all-time scoring. And the Mavericks won, so it was a pretty chill night for the Cirkus.

Vintage: This reminds me of Phoenix era Amar’e Stoudemire, what with the quick cut to the ball and out-of-nowhere explosion to the rim.

If anyone wants to make a mixtape of Shelden Williams getting dunked on, I think that would be very easy.

Nope: Matt Bullard after right-handed Kyle Lowry made a left-handed pass: “You’ve gotta be amphibious, Bill, to play in this league.”

Much love: Crazy cutout face guy is the best fan on Earth, so I’m glad he finally showed up at an NBA game.

He’s just so committed to being the crazy cutout face guy that you have to admire it. Let’s just hope he doesn’t jump the big-faced shark.

Soft touch: Chris Wilcox shooting jumpers is fun for the whole family. Or passing or whatever that was.

Other things: Greg Oden is having another knee surgery and I think we can all agree that he should just retire so he is able to walk for the rest of his life … Manu Ginobili and Tiago Splitter are both going to miss about two weeks with injuries, meaning the Spurs are going to have to find two more South Americans who everyone can call “Euros” … Rajon Rondo got a two-game suspension for chucking a ball at a ref just a few weeks after Rick Carlisle was not suspended for kicking a ball in the stands and hitting a fan, so I’m sure he’s pretty happy as usual … Nikola Pekovic rolled an ankle last night, but he says it’s not bad … Welcome back to Baron Davis and Carmelo Anthony. Excited to see how these guys ruin #Linsanity #SILinsanity

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  1. That second Kobe move is the bastard child of the ‘inside out’ and the ‘Eurostep’. So breaking that out at my local league game on Friday.

  2. crazy cut-out face guy isn’t just awesome because he’s in the stands. he’s awesome because he has to carry that giant head with him into every arena. which means he’s interacting with ticket-scanners and ushers, who, in my experience, are never under 58 years old. imagining the reaction of those people at seeing his giant head makes him the best fan of all time.

    • Not to #slatepitch you, but Crazy cutout face guy would be terrible to sit behind…Notice the seat behind him is empty? Not a coinkydink.

      Old Man Knees, on the other hand, now there’s a man who can express his enthusiasm while actually improving the viewing experience of those behind him.

  3. I think 98% of Portland is with me when I say that I second the Oden retirement. Mr. Glass Bones needs to start going to school or spend his money wisely or work at corndog on a stick (because he would just look so ridiculously tall if he had to wear one of those stupid hats). Also, I was not “shocked” by any means of this news but I was shocked to see that he had actually played a full 82 games.

  4. *hotdog on a stick, my bad.

  5. The guy to the left of the cutout face guy is the ssame guy in 40 years!

  6. No Sheldon-Williams-getting-dunked-on-mixtape woud be complete without this:

  7. i think with experimental surgeries and current state of medical advancements and the money Oden would have, i’d assume he wouldn’t have the surgery, microfracture surgery to help with the last surgery he had if it wasn’t to benefit him and to help him hope to play again one day. It’s a sad story and hopefully this is the surgery to help him heal for next season, i’m sure even with his surgery replaced glass knees, he will be still better than a bunch of centres coming off the bench right? maybe i’m just optimistic

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