Sure, Kobe’s one-legged fadeaway — the same one he learned this summer, remember? — is sexier than Dirk’s. Fair enough. It has long, lean lines and knows how to extend to catch the eye, so I totally get if you’re attracted to that.

But Dirk’s is more personable, not so concerned with how it looks and just a generally friendlier one-legged fadeaway jumper. You might enjoy Kobe’s one-legger for a night, but you can settle down with Dirk’s. In the long run, that’s what really matters.

(via BDL)

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  1. Pretty sure Dirk did it better. 4 times in a row. Twice on your home floor. By an average of 14 points. While your team embarrassed yourselves and drove your coach to quit. On his way to a ring (pretty sexy) Just, you know, if we’re talking who did it better.

  2. Somehow after 16 yrs he still has fun, this guy… To come over and joke during a game. In the words of Ali G – RESTECPA!

    • 1. No one has ever seen Kobe Bryant have fun. He doesn’t He’s the least fun guy on the planet.
      2. He’s not joking here. He’s 100% serious. He thinks his shot is better.
      3. RESTECPA indeed.

  3. You pathetic Kobe haters always make me laugh.

  4. Let’s be serious guys , Kobe can do what he wants . He’s second to the throne

  5. I feel so bad for Kobe knowing that he wants to salvage his marriage and she’s been unfaithful during her time “single”

  6. Hey adam, hate some more. When Dirk gets his 2nd or 3rd, maybe 4th championship let us know. Until then, let Kobe have some fun, you should have some fun watching the video clip and be a positive person.

  7. You’re right, the guy is just trying to have some fun out there and I should cut him some slack. Not take everything so seriously. I’m going to rethink some things.

    Also, dude’s a butt rapist ;)

  8. Technically speaking Kobe’s version start with a jab step.. so its a version of Dirk’s one-legged. Sexier? That’s his choice of adjective I guess..

    • Well, apart from the high arc and the fact that it’s no real way of defending it, Dirk’s isn’t really all that pretty, be honest. He barely gets of the ground, and to me he always looks like someone is pushung him down and is in some sort of pain… Great player, not the smoothest one by any stretch. So I guess Kobe has the edge, eyecandy-wise?

  9. Plus Dirk’s was there from the start. Kobe had flings with Crossover and Dunk long before settling for this baby. Nobody likes to be an afterthought, that’s why she’s spiteful. I’ll take Dirk’s sweet J any day.

  10. Why isn’t LMA picking this thing up, though? He seems like an excellent candidate.

  11. I’m so glad you guys put this up. This made my whole night when it happened. Thanks for bein the BEST NBA blog on the internet!

  12. whats the point, kobe does it his way and dirk does it his way. There’s nothing to compare, people that enjoy and admire kobe like me will just think Kobe as a even better player. This shows how good kobe is, able to imitate and adapt different types of playing style, perfect all roundness.

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