Martell Webster told reporters that he was aware of the situation — 3-point deficit for the Wolves, 4.9 seconds remaining in overtime — and that he went to the hoop to try to get a three-point play or score with enough time to foul and get the ball back and score again. It almost worked too, with Corey Brewer barely avoiding a Martell Webster-esque brain fart and fouling on the totally pointless dunk.

He also said, “To everyone out there I feel your pain. I will learn from this. All of your thoughts and opinions are appreciated!!! All I can do is move on.” And I am sure he really does value everyone’s opinion on this silly botched play. I’m sure he VERY much appreciates you filling out your comment cards.

But what I truly think he was trying to say was, “Whoops.”

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  1. Check out Brad Miller’s reaction at 0:24.

  2. Ha ha, I just logged into say that too…his facial expression says it all about that play…

  3. man we must all be die hards, also noticed brad miller ‘s reaction and was about to let people know

  4. You guys just know what’s really good.

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