It’s All-Star Game time, which means it’s crazy shoes time. Let’s take a look at the what kicks the most notable superstars are going to be wearing this Sunday.

Kevin Durant — Nike Zoom KD IV
Orlando is in the heart of America’s spaceship district, just a stone’s throw from lauchpads on the East Coast, so there’s a big space theme for Nike’s All-Star shoes. That’s why you have outer space speckles all over the midsole and shiny space silver on the upper. These are really great, even if it takes a bold man to wear silver shoes.

Kobe Bryant — Nike Zoom Kobe VII
More space, more awesome. I am not exactly sure what sort of nebulas and intergalactic clouds these are all over Kobe Bryant’s shoes, but I like them. Not the kind of shoe you’d want to wear everyday — unless you’re Buzz “Cameos” Aldrin, then it’s OK — but for a one-time All-Star Game special, they’re perfect.

LeBron James — Nike Zoom LeBron 9
We talked about these a while ago and they are still amazing. Orange is the best color on Earth and these are two different kinds of orange, so that makes them double great. Plus, the bottoms glow in the dark, just in case you ever need to find these in the middle of the night.

Dwight Howard — adidas adiPower Howard 2
It’s pretty hard to make sleek-looking shoes for big guys, but these are pretty nice. The orange is great, obviously, and I really like the embossing all over these. I’m kind of worried that these might make Dwight’s giant feet look hilarious, but that is a risk I’m willing to take.

Derrick Rose — adidas adiZero Rose 2.5
Orange shoes for the best Bulls player since Michael Jordan? It’s like these were made specifically for me. (They weren’t. They’re for Derrick Rose, duh.) It is kind of hard to tell which is the inside and the outside of the shoe, but that might help confuse opponents because they constantly think you’re doing some sort of weird run and get caught up watching your feet while you’re dribbling by them. Sun Tzu approves of this distracting strategy.

Carmelo Anthony — Jordan Melo M8
The newest Melos haven’t got the greatest response since their release, despite the fact that they are super comfortable and kind of have a Jordan XI meets Foamposite One look to them. Nonetheless, I have to imagine this colorway will win over some fans because it’s just a really clean look. Black and blue can be a hard combination to make look good, but these do it by breaking things up with a bunch of white patent leather. Not bad at all.

Dwyane Wade — Jordan Fly Wade 2
Outside of the all red Christmas kicks Wade rocked this December, these are my favorite of the Fly Wade 2s. Quite similar to the Melos, which makes sense since they are the same brand and the same team, but I feel the same way. The anodized blue looks great all broken up with the white. Nice look.

Chris Paul — Jordan CP3.V
Pretty standard look here, considering the Clippers wear a lot of red. In fact, I’m pretty sure these are the shoes CP3 was wearing at Media Day. Oh well. They’re his All-Star shoes now and they’re fine. Not too extravagant, which is weird because it was huge news when Scottie Pippen wore all red at the 1994 All-Star Game. At least he’ll match the uniforms, unlike a bunch of these other guys.

Not a bad crop of sneaks for this year’s festivities. Let’s hear what you think in the comments.