Sure, the triple-double is very cool and super notable — the last Bulls center to get a have a trip-dub was Hall of Famer Artis Gilmore in 1977 and the last center with the points-assists-rebounds version was future Hall of Famer Brad Miller — but the real awesome thing about Joakim Noah’s performance is the exquisite finger guns celebration he blessed us with.

Best celebration in the NBA? Hard to vote otherwise, if you ask me.

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  1. everthing u post today will be taking away from the original white mamba in the bird photo

    • Yeah, this white mamba shit is really getting old imo…

      It was cool when Scal was the human victory cigar in Boston, but now it’s just… Too mainstream…

      *puts down hipster glasses and goes to sleep*

  2. he had a better showing of guns at the end of the 3rd quarter the play after his triple double, he hits a jumper (which was is very “wet” this year). If you look at the comcast chicago broadcast, you can even see Luol deng with some guns out for noah as he cheers him after a great 3rd quarter. He does it right infront of bulls bench and does it so enthuastically…

  3. Does Derrick Rose dislike how Noah celebrate also? Funny how they complain when the Pacers celebrate.

  4. i thought guns weren’t a laughing matter in the nba

    • I guess it’s not funny when you’ve actually brought guns to the locker room?
      C’mon son, get a clue!

  5. The Noah gun celebration is pretty cool, but this one was a tad sloppy. He holstered those things while they were still hot, not good for the thighs.

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