If goaltending a free throw is the most Andray Blatche goaltend that could ever occur, then an obvious goaltend that ends up in the fifth row and immediately results in a benching is the most JaVale McGee goaltend possible. On the plus side, at least he was on the right side of the court.

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  1. Oh man – even Demarcus Cousins laughs about that. Usually he is on the other side…

  2. ..tho at this point i feel like it’s just counter-productive to bench javale for every single flashy thing he does. i know he’s a knucklehead but c’mon… it’s just gonna demoralize the guy, not teach him anything. and actually i don’t even think it’s THAT bad of a play this time, geez… he’s probably just a little frustrated.
    btw isn’t there some coach out there who knows how to deal with strange dudes and get production out of them? where’s phil jackson when you need him?

    • ..ok maybe frustration doesn’t count since the wiz were actually up by 7. but whatever. i still think he needs to be treated differently. whatever they do in dc is clearly not working out…

  3. THAT bad of a play? His man screens the ball and he doesn’t hedge or show at all. He fades towards the baseline and gives the ballhandler a clear path to the basket for a layup. That is enough for a benching.

    What he did was not a shot contest, it was to get frustrations out or for his own amusement. Either way, stupid – which is not surprising.

  4. Check out the guy at 0:12. It’s pretty bold to to leave the undershirt at home and wear only the jersey against your pale white skin. Then again, a t-shirt would’ve covered what appears to be a sweet fighter jet tattoo on his right shoulder and what I can only guess is a tribal sun on his left shoulder. My first thought was that, if he’s in the fifth row, he must have some money, which explains the cute girl that’s with him but obviously not having any fun given her facial expression and the fact that she’s texting. At the same time, it’s a Wizards home game, so he may have pulled the tickets out of a Cracker Jack box. At least she has a drink in the other hand. That’s a good sign for him.

    Also, if you’re the guy that catches the ball here, how tempting does it have to be to launch a three from your seat? I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? You get kicked out of a Wizards/Kings game? You’re in the 5th row, so you’ve got an outside chance to hit it, which will definitely land you on Sportscenter. If you even hit iron, the Wizards will probably give you at least a 10 day contract, and you’ll likely get a spot in the Dunk Contest.

    • Again, we desperately need a Like button for things like this and for Chris’ post below.

      The Wizards are the most unintentionally funny team in the league. At this point I’m pretty sure that Javale rotates slowly (or not at all) in order to get a chance to make a ridiculous block instead of preventing the shot attempt in the first place. He’s like the anti-Tim Duncan.

    • your post is the win, good sir. /salute

  5. Is it wrong of me to not want the Wizards to get better? McGee and Blatche is one dynamic duo in terms of being, well, stupid. Love it!

  6. Another take on McGee’s block, and, by extension, the Wizards at large over at Three Second Violation


  7. Aw, come on! Now that should get you fired, not benched!
    No matter the amount of talent, I’m really starting to think this guy should be out of the league… I know he’s fun and talented and all, but he’s just a fuckin loser!

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