You think it’s not going to be worth it when Michael Beasley is telling you to wait because he knows this song, but then it’s TOTALLY worth it. Martell Webster’s Kevin James overbite dance moves aren’t too shabby either.

I’m really glad this exists. *NSYNC for life.

(via F Yeah Timberwolves)

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  1. Quit frontin’ Kevin Love. We all know this is your jam, and you know this song way better than that.

  2. damn! Michael Beasley did deliver. also lol @ “you got some serbia songs?”

  3. man, I’m really starting to love this Timberwolves team….so much personality, and they have game

  4. bsb > n*crap , and thats the truth

    • OOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The gauntlet has been thrown!

      You’re ten years late to the fight, but better late than never. I can’t wait to hear about your stance on Team Edward vs. Team Jacob in 2023!

      For the record 2Gether > BSB

      • i dont know what your’e talking about bro, BSB are still droppin the dope songs , This is Us was like a triple rainbow and they are dropping another monster LP this year.

  5. the best part of all this is that you helped show me that there is an fyeahtimberwolves tumblr.

    and N’Sync all the way!

  6. you got some serbian songs?

  7. Mike Beasley tore that up. I agree with Scott, Kevin Love knew it way better than he led on. I mean seriously, what else were the kids listening to up in Oregon.

  8. wolves social media interns: hardest working in the league

  9. I would think that because Love has a singer in his family, he would have learned a little but by now?

  10. Pek is my favorite human being ever


  12. is it just me or does mike beasley look like a christopher lilley character?

  13. You guys got some Serbian songs?

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