Unless you are the New York Knicks in the midst of your most exciting stretch of games in a decade, most NBA teams have all of their games on television, even if it’s just a local broadcast. That’s why these guys like looking good. When thousands of people are seeing what you look like in high definition, it’s of the utmost importance to stay fly. I mean, Allen Iverson traveled with a hairstylist, just so his braids would look fresh on national television.

That’s why it shouldn’t come as any surprise that JaVale McGee and Trevor Booker made Nick Young shave his terrible chinstrap, even though he just wanted to be beard bros with his teammates. From Capital Games:

When Nick Young came into the Wizards locker room on Wednesday, it was with hurt feelings.

“JaVale hasn’t been on my team in the past couple days,” he explained. “He kicked me out of the group. The Chinstrap group. I had to cut my beard.” [...]

“It was me and JaVale and half of Nick,” Booker told us. “His wasn’t in fully, so we had to kick him out. We told him to shape it up and we’ll see where it goes from there.”

Instead of trying to fit in, Young defiantly decided to show up Wednesday clean shaven.

“They said I couldn’t fully grow it. So I was a little hurt,” he said. “They could have at least let me in for trying.”

I know it hurts when somebody tells you that you can’t be part of a group, but I really think Booker and McGee are looking out for Nick Young here. There are few things that look worse than a guy who can’t grow a beard trying to grow a beard. That’s why Skeets is always clean-shaven despite the hirsute faces that surround him. Being outsted from the Chinstrap Group might suck now, but it’s better in the long run.

Besides, chinstraps are one of the worst beards you can have and Trevor Booker is already trying to make amends.

Booker also showed up on Wednesday sans chinstrap and gave Young hope that he might fit into the group after all.

“I might grow my hair out like Nick and be the Afro Brothers.”

Let’s hope this happens. Because between the new retro uniforms and the gigantic, blown-out hair, the Wizards could really be on to something. They might not play well on the court, but a couple of guys re-enacting the 1970s would certainly look pretty awesome.