This right here is my personal funniest moment in the history of All-Star Weekend. You can keep Chris Andersen’s botched dunk contest attempts, the Michael Jordan’s wide-open missed dunk and the time Darrell Armstrong shot a layup in the dunk contest. I’ll take Jerry Stackhouse, in the midst of his best season, confidently throwing down a 360 immediately after Vince Carter’s legendary 360. Whoops.

Could there be worst timing for anything? This would be like releasing “Dick Tracy” the weekend after “The Godfather” came out or Lil Wayne following up his biggest record, “Tha Carter III,” with an album full of terrible rock songs. Literally any other dunk would be better than another 360, especially when the past three minutes have seen a hundred replays of Vince’s dunk followed by Cheryl Miller talking to Vince about what it’s like to add to the pantheon of dunk contest dunks.

The best part, however, is Jerry’s strut after throwing down his jam. He grabs the ball and walks towards the scoring table confidently, surely thinking to himself, “I nailed it. Nice one, Jer-Bear.” Meanwhile, unbeknownst to him, he’s getting killed by the TNT guys and seeing the honorary title of next best UNC shooting guard be given to Vince Carter. Michael Keaton’s face at the 12-second mark says it all, but Jerry’s face when he gets a 41 — seemingly shocked that a two-handed 360 wouldn’t be an obvious 50 — is a really nice postscript.

I don’t think anyone ever really bought in to the idea that Jerry Stackhouse was the next Michael Jordan, even though he was a bald shooting guard from the University of North Carolina. But even if you did, when he made up his mind to go with this 360, that probably ended. It’s hard to take seriously a guy who is so clueless to what’s going on that he’d do a bad remix of one of the best dunks ever, immediately after said dunk.

Jerry Stackhouse is back at All-Star Weekend this year, somehow sneaking his way in to the festivities as Joe Johnson’s injury replacement for the Shooting Stars competition, which is literally the smallest honor one can receive this weekend. I imagine he’ll sink a three-pointer a second after Steve Smith drains a game-winner from half court, because Jerry’s a pro at doing less impressive things at inopportune times.