Sarah Kogod went to last Wednesday’s Wizards-Kings game in D.C. where she encountered a roving band of SuperSonics fans who are rooting for any possible team to move to Seattle. Here’s the story…

From the small crowd at Verizon Center came the usual cheers for the opposing Kings and the less-than-usual cheers for the Wizards. But in this game there was a third cheer coming from the baseline — “GO SONICS!”

A group of fans, small but mighty, stood in the stands in head-to-toe green and yellow Sonics gear. They waved signs and yelled and people wondered if they might be lost. Or confused.

They weren’t. Jeff Lucas, Matt Wright, Alexis Hujar, and Andrea Sklee are on a mission to raise awareness for their cause to bring a team — any team — back to Seattle. Wednesday’s target was the Sacramento Kings.

“There are a couple of teams that might be going to Seattle,” explained Lucas, a D.C. resident originally from Seattle. “We’re here to support Sacramento. Maybe they’ll be the Sonics next year.”

Like the NBA version of the movie “Say Anything,” they stood there all night holding signs above their heads as if they were boom boxes blaring “In Your Eyes” and professed their love for their potential Seattle mate.

“I love the Sonics from back in the Shawn Kemp, Gary Payton and Detlef Schrempf days,” said Wright.  “The good old days.”

It’s not looking good for their courtship with the Kings. Sacramento has until March 1 to come to agreement with the NBA on a new arena and it looks like the city is determined to keep their team. But these four misplaced fans aren’t picky. If the Kings stay in Sacramento they already have their sights set on their next potential relocation target.

“We’re going to check the schedule and see if the Hornets are coming to town,” said Lucas.