NBA players are already superhuman, so how far could they be from being superheroes? Skeets and Tas head to Media Day to ask the NBA All-Stars what their superpower would be, and what name they’d use to fight crime. And, oh, if you’re hungry, you’re going to love Ryan Anderson’s response.

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Comments (24)

  1. What Dirk? Lucky Luke had no superpower? He shoots faster than his own shadow! That like general knowledge when you grow up in Germany or Europe…

  2. I like how Dwight seemed scared to touch Tas’ arm, why’s a guy that big scared of Tas?

  3. Ryan Anderson, voice of the people.

  4. Ryan Anderson should ask the guy with the Skittles touch how much he likes turning everything he touches to food, apparently its not fun

    • In a segment of the interview left on the cutting room floor, Ryan mentions the Skittles guy and confirms what you’ve all wanted to know: He loves Skittles and all candy. THIS IS AN EXCITING TIME TO BE IN JOURNALISM!!

  5. Dang, Chandler Parsons looks like he’s still in high school…

  6. The look on Marc Spears face while Tas is talking to Dwight is priceless.

  7. Anderson’s superhero name shoulda been foodini

  8. Come on. You gotta know Lucky Luke. He was unbeatable in rodeos, smarter than Hannibal Smith when it came to plans, and he was a master shot. But his real superpower was that he could draw his gun faster than his own shadow. Pretty super if you ask me.

  9. dude behind dwight looks so peeved at the question.

  10. already looking forward to watching this again :D i’m glad that in 2015 i will be able to say that i watched TBJ when they were still at the score and before they used to do the halftime interviews during the nba finals^^.

    also, no kidding, you’re questions got mentioned on, which is a pretty stupid but pretty big mainstream sportschannel / website in germany. they have no real clue about basketball but cover dirk a lot – and they basically made up a front-page story around your lucky luke questions etc (well kind of). so yeah, the world is slowly but steadily taking notice! nice!

  11. CP3 with a true geek pick, Teleportation

  12. Orlando Magic doing well in their hosting duties, between Howard/Anderson’s answers and Big Baby’s moves.

  13. Jeremy Evans wants to be a guy in space… how about Jeremy Heavens for a name?

  14. Dirk wins again. The best.

  15. While most other players wish for actual superpowers, Jameer Nelson just wishes he was better at basketball.

    And they say the NBA is out of touch with the fans.

  16. Just saw the answer from Melo on
    His name is Captain america and his superpower is EVERYTHING!

    Wow, now thats a lame answer. smh

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