Skeets and Tas rank the best five dunks from this year’s NBA Sprite Slam Dunk Contest. (Yes, it was as difficult as you’d imagine.) But, hey, let us know your top five dunks from Saturday Night below, and we’ll pretend to argue.

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  1. Probably would’ve put in that Chase Budinger blindfolded-reverse-dunk in there… That was pretty impressive

  2. I gotta agree with all 5. The TBJ crew do the best coverage from the All-Star weekend. Thanks for all the videos!

    I heard today that Blake’s excuse for missing the dunkathon was to spend time with his family, but if you listen to his podcast with Bill Simmons done during the lockout he listed a completely different one.

    • I think Griffin doesn’t want the unnecessary backlash from being in a dunk competition.. He dunks against no name guys, will win the fan vote no matter what, and then everybody roasts him for it.. I think unless LeBron, Rose, Dwight or Westbrook sign up, he shouldn’t do it.. Make it a real competition and he’d be game..

  3. Hey guys – I know we’ve come to expect alternating good and bad years from the dunk contest, but I was wondering if you thought the condensed schedule and lack of practice time had a particularly negative effect on this year’s contest. We like to complain about excessive theatrics and lack of “star power”, but the lack of practice time is something that I feel hasn’t been talked about too much. Without the time to work out and perfect more physically difficult but more creative dunks, it probably is easier to just jump over something and call it a day.

    It’d be great to hear your thoughts on this. Loving your coverage so far!

  4. Sorry guys, but how in the world is Budinger jumping over a rapper more impressive than him throwing down reverse blindfolded??!!!!!!

    I saw that dunk and knew when he did it that it was going to be completely unappreciated. He started past the three point line. Just lining yourself up to dunk it is impressive and he threw it down reverse.

    Easily the #2 dunk…not even close.

    • I’m amazed you think Chase actually couldn’t see.

    • Well, really, it’s the same issue as with the original Ceballos blindfold dunk : he could probably see under the blinfold.

      It was still impressive and the reverse took me by surprise, but the PDD one just looks good, aesthetically speaking, with the legs spread and the tribute to White Men Can’t Jump. He’s pretty high up, too…

      That’s the issue with those kind of dunks (and maybe the Gerald Green one when he dunked with no shoes on) : no matter how hard it is to pull off, it’s not gonna be as apreciated by the casual fan as much as a good looking dunk, if only because most casual fans don’t know how hard it is to dunk… Which reminds me : Jeremy Evans’ 1st dunk (with the camera) sucked ! No matter how long you hang on the rim, it won’t make your dunk better.

      • Anyone who has enough hops to make a reverse dunk fairly easy, can do the reverse dunk, given some practice time. That’s not what the dunk contest is about though. Or rather that’s not what the dunk contest should be about. The dunk contest should be/is about super athletic players doing dunks that no one in the world besides them could ever do, not because of a lack of props and weak storylines, but because these players are superior athletes with a special and unmathced combination of size, power, finesse and jumping ability. Vince Carter didn’t need to tell a story or have some random boring prop to win the sdc, he won it on the sheer beauty and power of his dunks. Sure the dunks he performed were new at that time and it added something to the dunks but I sincerely believe that if someone did a well-executed dunk, his 360 windmill, his between-the-legs off the bounce or his elbow-hang with the same grace and power as him it would be an automatic 50.

  5. I believe the crowd is the reason why “felt” like it sucked and the entire weekend has felt dull so far. If you’re not going to be hyped up and loud, then why even go to the fesitivites, just stay home and let real fans come to enjoy themselves.

    I also don’t have a problem with the dunk qualities, I think they were creative enough. The problem was the order in which the dunks were performed. I think if we saw Human Glowstick, 2 Balls over Hayward, Rubio & Williams, & Chase Blindfold at the end, we would’ve have left pumped.

  6. I think Paul George’s Sticker dunk was one of the best ones of the night.

  7. As much as Shumpert’s “Couch Dunk” would’ve given him the title simply b/c Lin was involved, I think based on what it was supposed to entail it would’ve probably deserved to win. Too bad for Shump.

  8. Good top 5, although I’d probably have switched #1 and #2… That freakin’ dunk was amazing, and it’s an “Old School Dunk” too : one ball, no props, no glowin’ in the fuckin’ dark, no damn motorcycle, and still original and well executed. Obvious #1 to me… To bad he botched that last dunk.

    I’d have to go with George as the guy who should have won, if only because his least impressive dunk (which is hard to tell which it was, because all 3 were pretty good but none were top3) is much better than this freakin’ eye jam camera shit Evans pulled off. Not to mention the Mailman Dunk which wasn’t that great either.

    Derrick Williams has the best dunk of the night IMO but the rest sucked.
    Budinger made okay dunks look pretty good… Maybe because he’s white and lean…

  9. btw, Thre Tron Dunk may have looked better with the lights on…

  10. fuck jeremy evans paul george was robbed!!

  11. Chase Budinger could see his feet ’cause that blindfold he took so long to put on, had a tiny gap at the bottom. Found his taking off point through that hole, and glided to the rim.

    • I’m surprised none of the announcers called him on that, you could definitely see the bottom of his eyes from underneath the blindfold. And that first miss was definitely on purpose so fans thought he couldn’t see

  12. the glow in the dark dunk was alrioght but like you guys said we couldnt see anything. the mailman over tiny kevin hart was lame and so was the eye cam. im getting tired with dunk contests in general with all the props (thanks alot dwight) and how many times are we gonna see people dunking over someone, enough already. remember the days when jordan, wilkins,carter or richardson were in a dunk contest and it only took them 1 try to slam down a sick dunk?? yeah im also getting tired of multiple try dunks even if it takes 2 attempts the initial shock and awe is ruined. last nights contest was mediocre i enjoyed a few dunks like the double ball, jump over diddy and backboard 360.

    • I think these new guys are not taking this serously and are a bit too overconfident – I bet none of them actually does their dunks more than a few times in practise. Also bet that they would nail them first time out if they did them like 20 times over before, right? I

      t’s just too bogus of an event nowadays. I kinda hate Dwight and Nate for that. They made a joke out of the whole thing. And I hate stars participating because it won’t be a dunk contest but a popularity contest, who wahs more twitter followers at the end.

      I liked the lineup but I thought they just didn’t give a damn.

  13. no objections to the top 5.
    They need to inject some life in to this contest. And actually bring out the stars, and entice them with a prize.
    But if the NBA wants some young stars, maybe have 2 Young Stars, and maybe 2 former champions? Or Skeets’ idea, and have a combination of And 1 Ballerz/Flight Brothers with NBAers?
    No prop jerseys, celebrities, stickers..its almost becoming more about the props then the actual dunk. At this pace, soon, we’ll be watching show’n'tell
    “Hi, I’m Chase Budinger, and today I have a snap back hat, P.Diddy, a Cebollos jersey, and a blindfold. Thanks”
    And, lets get rid of Kenny Smith as the announcer!

  14. Yeah, get rid of Kenny and the “stories”.
    The whole show felt like a Karaoke-contest on a cruise liner…

    • And what, may I ask, is wrong with a Karaoke contest on a cruise liner?

      • Nothing as long as you’re an old lady and Kenny Smith isn’t the one hosting it. I mean : if they explain the dunk 1st, how is it gonna be any fun? Kenny likes the spotlight too much.

  15. Well, consider that it is getting tougher to come up with new stuff to do in that half a second in the air. Maybe include a cash prize, so guys are a bit more enthusiastic and actually try to come up with new stuff?

    I thought And1 and TFB guys would be great but I bet there aren’t many NBA-ers that would dare to compete with these guys.

    I mean did you see the dunk that KDobbs won the Sptrite Dunk Challenge – between the legs-sideways-cradle sort of thing…. Just when I thought they too got a bit boring recently.

  16. Is there a rule that the guy tossing the ball for you has to be of a difference race? Is it like bailiffs on daytime judge shows?

  17. It’s funny because the D-league dunk contest had much better dunks without much prop and show

  18. The new dunk contest

    The new dunk contest should become a real contest of dunking ability. Have 5 or 6 mandatory dunks for example the one hand, then a two hand dunk, then a one foot takeoff, then a two foot take off, then a free throw dunk, each player could add his own originality to the dunk but would have to complete them all. Finally have one or two original dunks, one with a teammate and another alone. To speed the pace up have them go in a line, if they miss the first attempt they go to the back of the line and get a second attempt but if they miss the second they can’t receive points for that dunk. Include real life judges keep a running total. No gimmicks, no hosts, introduce the type of dunk, line them up play some music and let them dunk. The Results a contest that will measure if they can dunk off one foot or two, if they can dunk from far away, and if they have any originality.
    Make it happen
    Jamie McBride
    Originally from Milton Ontario but living in South Korea

  19. So, can we all agree that DeRozan would have won this one had he competed?

  20. Hey Tas…lovin’ the Das Monk shirt

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