Some dance to remember. Some dance to forget. But only Orlando Magic forward “Hedo Turkoglu” dances for party animals everywhere. And only one teammate is brave enough to join him!

More Dancin’ Hedo: The original “Party Machine” + Hedo Turkoglu skips town

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Comments (63)

  1. Words are not enough to describe how awesome this is. LOL

  2. Holy. Shit. You guys are killing it this week. Maybe Diddy will offer you your own show on his new network ‘BLACK POWER’ (awkward fist in the air)

  3. A classic. True genius

  4. It feel goooooood

  5. big baby just became that much more likable to me

  6. Best dancing Hedo yet!

  7. i think it’s safe to file this under best of. already.

  8. There are few things in the world that I enjoy more than this video (perhaps my gf and complex carbohydrates).

  9. I’m crying here!

  10. As a Magic fan who has had to endure half a season of Glen Davis basketball, this makes me appreciate him so much more.

    • Yes, for some reason I now love Glen Davis. Granted, this will probably change when I watch the next Magic game..

  11. Absolutely amazing, you’ve outdone yourselves again.

  12. Well, well, no you can be pretty sure the Party Machine is gonna hear about you guys… “Oh come on! These guys just won’t quit!”

  13. This easily makes up for the lame dunk comp.
    Wait…Was big baby wearing a shirt with his own face on it?

  14. Wow that was good. Big Baby Davis is my new favorite player, and favorite dancer. I feel like he sometimes does a gentle version of punk-style slam dancing.

    And Tas, sweet chest.

  15. We know why Orlando traded for Big Baby now.

  16. That was awesome!

    What is the “Dancin Hedo” song?

  17. omg that was hilarious!! big baby davis just brought that video to another level.

  18. greatest video in the history of nba videos. how did this happen??!?!?! did you just run into him filming sth else or did you ask him beforehand or did he approach you (?!?!) or.. geez my mind is blown. and did you guys just arrive in the inner circle of nba media dudes or frickin’ what?

  19. Once I saw Big Baby, I was just hoping for a cameo appearance by the other Hedo (you know, the less greek more turkish one) at the end. Oh well, I guess it was too much to ask. Ball.

  20. holy nice… was not believing Big Baby was willing to do that. good stuff, cheers from Paris. alex

  21. this is one of the greatest videos in the history of mankind… thanks guys…

  22. That is hilarious. Big baby’s got the moves! Brilliant.

  23. Lol Big Baby must be a real cool dude! hilarious shit right hurr!

  24. lol this is so awesome! Big Baby is hilarious and a really good sport for doing this

  25. I love the synergy! I’m already looking forward to the sequel…glen Davis just took his game to the next level…

  26. I never thought I’d say that Glen Davis was one of my favourite NBA players, but now he’s on top of the list!

  27. hmm – very surreal. I always thought skeets was the “artist” of the group. Btw. was this Pizza or extasy you guys are eating?

  28. Ball .

  29. You HAVE to post the story behind this !


    don’t be cruel…

  30. Glad to see Tas putting his pole dancing lessons to good use

  31. It’s been said like a gazilion times before me but – Big Baby just became a loooooooooot more likeable!

    All joking aside – him agreeing to do this is absolutely awsome!!! :) You should get him and Bonner in a video soon. With Brent Barry too. And Nash.

  32. Hah, did you guys see that of all the pieces of pizza Big Baby picked up the one that was eaten from already. Either that took one too many takes, or Tas…. elementary school cafeteria rules say – You got a boyfriend!

    • Ya, I noticed that too…Or maybe it only took 2 takes, but they were too lazy to switch to a new piece. Or Big Baby’s new diet only allows him to have 1 slice of pizza so they had to reuse the same slice.

  33. Beach…Ball !!!

  34. Hilarious! Big props for Big Baby for participating. And to you guys for getting this done.

  35. Amazing. How did this happen?

  36. Amazing, what is the dancin’ Hedo song?

    I can’t get it out of my head now.

  37. Ball………and Baby……….

  38. dafuq did i just watch?…not sure, but i literally laughed out loud at work

  39. Awesome! I just got looked at work for laughing too hard.

  40. Hahaha so awesome, loved this, never knew big baby was such a cool guy, how did this happen?

  41. kudos to big baby…

  42. Brandon Bass would never have done that.

  43. OH MY GOD THIS IS FANTASTIC. I was dying the whole time. You guys just took that to a whole other level

  44. Wow, cool make-up, Skeets! And very nice t-shirt… is that Big Baby on it?

  45. That was hilarious. Tas pole-dancing was the best!

  46. This is EPIC. MORE !!

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  50. …………Ball

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