All-Star Weekend can be a grind, so that’s why Skeets and Tas asked NBA players to help them do their work and write their own headlines. Pulitzers to be handed out later.

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Comments (17)

  1. Blake Griffin wins headline mvp

  2. thumbs up for whoever did the photoshops – the AI one actually looked awesome^^

    also i would like to repeat what blake said because it’s hilarious and it would get myself like 35 thumbs up on youtube but it’s already been done, so… damn.

  3. …although, the correct pronunciation in parantheses is wrong i think? shouldn’t it be sth like: e goo dull ah?
    or maybe that’s part of the joke or i don’t get american pronunciation in written form, which may all very well be the case :-)

  4. What did Gasol say? I couldn’t get it

  5. I wonder if Bosh knows that Skeet and Tas created “Like A Bosh” and if he cares.

  6. I think Iggy wins. Most people don’t even know who he is.
    Also, what’s that actual correct pronounciation? I mean, if he says that, it means people must mess it up all the time.

  7. I think Blake had the best answer.

  8. Iguo-dolla dolla bill y’all

  9. Great vid once again! I have loved Iggy’s game for years, but between his amazingly accurate observation of K-Love’s jumper during the ASG and the fact that he articulated his answer so damn well in this clip, he may now be my fav unexpectedly-nerdy baller.

  10. ha marc gasol had me cracking up.. we got dallas on wednesday wth

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