That was a weird All-Star Weekend, wasn’t it? The best moment was a hilarious steal in the Rising Stars challenge, a legitimate injury was suffered in the main event due to some deep seated beef between two of the game’s best players, and LeBron James was actually criticized for passing on a possibly game-winning shot like it actually mattered. From front to back, it was just strange.

So yeah, it was an odd weekend. And that’s probably why we were able to do so many silly things down there. Here’s the highlights:

Jam Session IV drops later this week, so stay tuned for that. The daily show and regular posting returns tomorrow, so make sure to wear yellow and blue as we celebrate February 29 with Leap Day William. See you then.

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  1. Ok, I’m going to make a case against LeBron (note: it’s just the all-star game, I don’t hate him, I don’t think he’s unclutch)

    Kobe was clearly into it. LeBron burned him on 3s before, and Kobe is telling everyone “I’ve got LeBron” (why wasnt Durant guarding him? thats why), he’s thinking if LeBron misses he played good D, if LeBron makes it, Kobe has the ball with 5 seconds left to win the game, which is what he wants

    I have no problem with passing to a wide open Deron, but when he gets the ball back, and Kobe is in his face, LeBron panics, looks for Wade and throws a bad pass (Melo was going to be open if LeBron wanted to find the open guy), and then on the final play, he chooses to inbound the ball. You can see how Kobe reacts, like “I thought we had a thing going, come on”

    Not that any of this really matters but it was a really weird thing and even the announcers were surprised

  2. Hey guys, Your production stuff is through the roof this year. Big shout out to JD and Matty for really being tight with the graphics. I know Skeets and Tas get all the glory. This is a high five flying cross continent to JD’s sweaty palm.

    keep up the good work.

  3. all-star weekend fix…

    all the challenges (dunk contest, 3pt shootout, skills challenge, etc) should be players from the all star game and rising stars game. yes there might be better dunkers or 3 point shooters that don’t make those teams, but who cares. we want to see the stars.

    the all star game itself (not sure if it should change but i would love to see this): what if it were a 3 on 3 tournament instead. fan votes for 8 team captains. coaches vote the rest of the deserving players. (24 players total, same as it is now). the 8 voted players pick their team from the pool of players chosen by coaches. then single elimination style 3 on 3 tourneys. the competitiveness in this format would blow the real ASG out of the water. the diversity of teams would be incredible, since you don’t need a traditional lineup. you can have a game of 3 guards vs 3 bigs. i would love to watch it.

    • mock rosters for 3 on 3 tournament from 2012 All Star Players

      lebron, dirk, nash
      durant, westbrook, hibbert
      wade, carmelo, tony parker
      kobe, rondo, mark gasol
      dwight, deron, igoudala
      rose, deng, bynum
      cp3, bosh, pierce
      blake, aldride, love

      • Do you hate Blake, Aldridge and Love? They are the worst team of 3 that you have created by FAR! You have a team made up wholly of power forwards! Who’s going to handle the ball on that team? The Dwight team’s probably the best group of 3 you have there, because that team would be strong defensively, and the only team that has a match up for Dwight on the offensive end is Bynum’s team, and Dwight took Bynum to the cleaners last time I saw them play. The wild card team is obviously the Nash team, since he is such a terrific point guard, and is being matched up with Dirk. The other guy on that team is OK as well. But I’d have my money on the Dwight team.

        • i’m actually a clipper fan. i just thought it would be fun to have the 3 guys that are battling for title as best pf on the same squad. i tried to make teams with storylines and tried to do it as a mock draft. brin dirk and nash together and give bron a closer. durant and westbrook say they like playing together so kept them together. kobe and rondo on same team with the other gasol. dwight and deron together. rose loyal to his fellow bull. i kind of wanted to make an all pg team but thought an all big team would fair better than an all small team.

    • I really, really like both of these ideas. It would make the entire All-Star weekend way more entertaining for sure.

      However by having the all stars in so many events exhaustion would come into play and thats bad all around.

      • yeah. exhaustion and injury are the main concerns. but with half the players losing in the first round of the 3 on 3 tourney and getting eliminated they wouldn’t even play much.

  4. All star games are a bore.

  5. Sure, the All-Star game has not big picture relevance. Accept for being YET ANOTHER example of LBJ shrinking from the spotlight.
    He was on fire in the 4th, murdering the West, shooting 3s like they were layups. But he i shy of failure, that’s why he didn’t shoot, that’s why he’ll never enter the dunk comp. I’m over him.
    Wade through up a potential game winner, missed, laughed it off. LBJ should take note.

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