Boris Diaw is a photographer, apparently? I didn’t really know this because most of the things I know about Boris Diaw are about his cheese preferences, how he gained a lot of weight “on purpose” this year and that he treats American women really, really great. But yeah, I guess he’s a picture taker, which makes sense because of the whole French thing and the French Photographic Society (Société française de photographie) and how he seems to be more concerned with basically everything else that isn’t basketball, even when he’s playing basketball.

Nonetheless, his skills with the camera got him a gig as Nike’s man for showing off their new French soccer uniforms (“football kits,” if you will). They’re all white, which seems antithetical to a sport that involves a lot of sliding, but they look great. I’ve pulled a few of the pictures from the set, either because I recognize the subject or I know what Boris was thinking when he composed the scene.

This is Steve Nash, who has absolutely nothing to do with French soccer. However, he is the NBA’s most famous former soccer player, is friends with Boris from the Phoenix days and looks stunning in all white. I’m sure this will go over well with the people who think Nash owes the Canadian national team something and the Canadians who hate the French because of secessionary movements that I don’t even understand because I’ve only lived up here for six months. Perhaps I am reading too much in to this photograph, but that’s the definition of art criticism, I think. Moving on.

I don’t know who this guy is, but this photo is a clear metaphor for Boris’ role as “The Invisible Man” this season. He’s disappeared for a team that stinks, but no one even cares because they’re the Bobcats. So, double invisible. Not sure what the handshake means, but again, this is art.

This one is easy. Carl Lewis is auditioning for Morgan Freeman’s role as God in the “Bruce Almighty” reboot and needed some headshots done. Nice work.

Go ahead and check out the entire shoot at How To Make It, since they’re definitely cool shots. I’m not sure he’s taking home the Pulitzer, but this is definitely the best set of pictures I’ve ever seen a French point-center take.