On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas kick off the second half of the season by recapping a busy Tuesday night in The Assoc. Topics include: “The D-Rock and Be-Easy Show,” Blake’s improved post-play, the good news in Sacramento, Cousins’ insane late offensive rebound, “Isaiah Thomas-anity,” Brook Lopez’s big game, and passive Rondo. All that, plus a great #SchuhmannStat, more dunk talk, and some Big Baby backstory.

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  1. the audio version isnt on iTunes, please fix :(

  2. It’s on there now. Sorry about the delay.

  3. I don’t know what’s crazier, a Pau for Derrick Williams trade or Tas turning it down

    Pau Gasol is one of the best big men in the league!!!! They went to 3 straight finals with him!!!!!

  4. Skeets asked why flying on planes is tiring awhile back. I learned from class today that aside from the cramped seats, high continuous noise levels (plane’s droning engine) can cause fatigue. Now you know.

  5. is the soft music during the opening episode number announcement new? relatively new? i find it distracting. sorry. can we go back to how it was? with the silence?

  6. I know you guys don’t talk about Sac a whole lot, but thanks for the shout out today! Absolutely ECSTATIC that we’re staying put in the capital

  7. Great work on the Hedo-Tas piece. Shout out to JD! Who would have ever thought that the book off pay off way back with the stripper pole would have given Tas the courage to tackle a pole that’s about 3ft in diameter that fearlessly. I guess losing can be winning in the long run sometimes! I thought the dunk contest sucked this year.

  8. Wolves fans call Derrick Williams “D-Thrill” or just “Thrill/Thrilla.”

  9. I think it would be a good idea to make the dunk contest similar to H.O.R.S.E. The first makes a dunk and the next one has to repeat the dunk etc.

  10. Isaiah Thomas = Insan-I.T.

  11. My b-day isn’t leap year but my dad’s is. I still remeber when I turned 12 and told him I was older than him.

  12. D. Rose picks up Whoa Boy and a self-Wanker of the Week.

    “I feel like Jackie Moon off of ‘Semi-Pro,’ ” Rose said. “That’s all I was thinking about, man.”


  13. Skeets and Tas,

    T-Wolves are much better also because out of freaking nowhere, since I attended the January 9th game @ the ACC against the T-wolves, they inserted Nikola Pkovic (2nd round pick) and he outplays Darko by a country mile. So with KLove, Rubio, Hot/Cold Beasley, Willams, JJBarea, an-uninjured Webster, & Coach Adelmen, there’s Nikola Pekovic also in this resurgence mix.

  14. You wanna improve the dunk contest?
    1- Kenny Smith is not allowed talking the whole time. He’s too annoying.
    2- No theatrics, no props. One of your teammates can help throw you a pass
    3- No more fan voting. It’s just a popularity contest at that point
    4- No 2 minute time limit to complete a dunk. You get it on your first try. If you miss, you get a deduction. If you miss again, your dunk doesn’t count. It really takes away the wow factor when it takes 7 tries to complete a dunk. I already know what you’re gonna do.
    5- Each contestant does 4 dunks. Add up the scores and declare a winner, no final round. Just bring your 4 best dunks and put on a show.
    6- No more throwback jerseys.
    7- No more celebrities. Especially Kevin Hart

    Lebron is not gonna compete. He teased us a couple years back when he said he would and he’s just doin it again. If he really wanted to, he would have done it already. Everyone says you need a star to show up at the dunk contest. I disagree, you can become a star if you put on a good show much the way Nate Robinson increased his popularity and who can forget Vince Carter.

    You’re welcome

  15. >They haven’t played the best teams over the last little bit
    Yes, they’ve played teams like the Jazz.

  16. Skeets, Tas, and Trey: Loyal listener here. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Today is my 11th birthday though, not my 8th. I always tell people I won’t live to see my 30th birthday.

  17. It was cruel in the first instance, so I’ll avoid imitation and politely approach with a question for Skeets: Was Gustavo the only ugly face in that scene?

    The uncontested slam dunk no longer carries any panache. We’ve seen 98% of the varieties and thousands of times. There is no solution, save for this: Can the dunk comp (and the All-Star/Rising Stars games, until they want to compete) altogether.

    Of on-court events involving current NBA players, I guess that leaves only the Shooting Stars and the 3-pt Contest. Put the former in an appropriate setting, say, half-time in the first game between Sioux Falls and Fort Wayne. And, being that the latter is actually enjoyable, my only stipulation is that it’s moved to where Reggie Miller isn’t.

    • “And, being that the latter is actually enjoyable, my only stipulation is that it’s moved to where Reggie Miller isn’t.”
      You win 1 internet, you can come by and cash it in any time

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