Playing for the Wizards these past few years hasn’t been the greatest treat. They haven’t won more than 32 percent of their games since 2008, haven’t won a playoff series since 2005 and have had six head coaches in the past 11 seasons. In Nick Young’s career, running from the 2007-08 until now, the Wizards have won 118 out of 362 games.

Needless to say, there have been quite a few bad days for Nick. But of all those bad days and all those losses, the worst day of Nick Young’s life might have been when Gilbert Arenas and DeShawn Stevenson broke his first pair of super expensive sunglasses. From Capital Games:

6. My first NBA purchase was a pair of Louis Vuitton glasses. They cost like, $600 or $700. I never imagined myself spending that much on a pair of glasses. When I got ‘em, the sad thing about it was Gil and DeShawn was hazing me and they broke ‘em. That’s why I remember those especially. I was so hurt by that. I was almost teary eyed.

Typical Gilbert Arenas, always ruining other people’s things. Between this and the time he dumped in Andray Blatche’s shoe, it seems like being a rookie on a team with Gilbert is a guarantee that all of your nice stuff is going to be ruined. Just a cool guy who loves messing up other people’s stuff. Plus, DeShawn Stevenson is obviously DeShawn Stevenson, so being the worst is par for the course. Being a Wizard during the end of that pseudo run just seems like an awesome thing to be a part of. Really, really fun.

But really, this is why you don’t spend a lot of money on sunglasses. You’re going to sit on them, leave them at a restaurant or your older teammates are going to break them when they’re hazing you. People will say that you’ll take better care of your new sunnies because you actually spent money on them, but that’s a lie. Don’t buy in to the sunglass lobby’s propaganda. Something bad is going to happen to those glasses unless you get some Croakies.

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  1. I hope John Wall changes this all

  2. RIP Gil. You will be missed.

  3. Don’t bring Blatche into this!

    Fair’s fair. Every time he steps on the court, Andray Blatche takes a shit in every Wizards fan’s heart.

  4. First this idiot says

    larry smith says: 02.29.12 @ 5:03 PM EST
    John Wall is a dump, the wizard trying make a bum like John dirty Wall a star , a big joke

    And then you say

    larry smith says: 02.29.12 @ 5:07 PM EST
    Nick Young look like little kid; you want to love him. Nick you are a great player i’m a big fan. thanks for keeping us from being bored.

    Are you Nick Young brother because only a family member would think he is entertaining….with that swaggy p garbage……let’s see if he is even in the league next year

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