Ballin: Brook Lopez in the house. 38 points on a hilarious-to-think-about 28 shots, six rebounds and one great timing. After all, if you’re trying to trade a big man for Dwight Howard, it’s not a bad idea to have him go for 38 two weeks before the deadline.

Not so much: Greg Monroe and Rodney Stuckey combined for 37 points, which means the other 10 Pistons who played combined to score 31. Only Jason Maxiell (2-4) and Ben Wallace (1-1) made more than 50 percent of their shots, plus the team had more turnovers than assists, all against the worst defense in the league. Good times.

Just the tip: Someone get a body on Ersan Ilyasova.

He only had a 25-rebound game earlier this year, so I can see why the Wizards would let him get inside two of their guys on the last possession of the game.

And then: To make things worse, Roger Mason traveled on the Wizards’ last offensive play. As Jack Kogod pointed out, this was the rare basketball version of the walkoff walk.

Not clutch: Sure, Derrick Rose made the game-winning jumper from the baseline, but he also missed two free throws that would have given the Bulls fans free Big Macs, so I think people should ask him about missing huge freebies with meals on the line.

Huge: There’s something wrong with Carlos Boozer. He did this last night, on purpose.

The continued shaming of Chris Kaman in New Orleans continues apace.

GIF off: Ricky Rubio dusting off Michael Beasley vs. Randy Wittman being embarrassed by the Wizards — who ya got?

Mom report: Important text message conversation with my mom.

Mom: “R Marc Gasol and Pau Gasol brothers?”
Trey: “Of course!!”
Mom: “R u surprised I figged that out??!!”
Trey: “Not really since they both have the same last name.”
Mom: “Yeah, but I didn’t even see Pau’s. I just remembered from ur posts. And they don’t really look alike.
Trey: You’re right. You’re a smarty Bobins!

Not quite as good as the time she called Allen Iverson “Iver Anderson,” but still pretty good.

You blew it: Thaddeus Young owes Andre Iguodala a milkshake for botching this highlight.

Nice one, Thad. Maybe make it two milkshakes.

Other things: Kobe Bryant can’t play until he’s medically cleared, due to the NBA’s concussion policy … JaVale McGee made a really weird play in to a pretty chill dunk, which is something he is a master at … Should the Wolves trade Derrick Williams for Pau Gasol? If they want to make the most Trey Kerby frontcourt in history (Pau, Kevin Love and Brad Miller) then the answer is yes, so the answer should be no … Sweet UGGs, Andray … Inflatable dancing mascots are the best kind … It’s Leap Day today, so nothing counts. Real life is for March